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The Thousand Years of Woman

This novel concept, a thousand years dedicated to woman, is actually a long awaited prophecy seminal to the Jewish People who, 3500 years ago adopted the six thousand year calendar beginning with the creation of first man. The structure of this ancient calendar is derived from the Tree of Life, a configuration of ten luminaries. The nine lines of the three interlocking triangles comprise the male aspects from the Tree of Life, surround the circle in the middle wherein she is found, hiding behind her resplendent modesty. She is Shekina, the female presence of the Creator; she is the seventh day, the Day of Rest; she is woman, the concluding chapter in the saga of man.

This archaic type of thinking has long been overshadowed by modern man who has replaced the wisdom of the sages with newly concocted ideas about time being infinite along with space thus reducing the people, the planet, the solar system and even our Milky Way Galaxy facing infinity, rushing towards an atrophied inevitability. Breeding confusion and misinformation is the key to keeping the populous down and easy to manipulate. If people knew the truth, they would not stand for a continuation of male domination. The key to changing everything is hidden in the calendar.

This ancient calendar predicts in 220 years an end to the six thousand years meant to refine male energy before entering into the Thousand Years of Woman. This timeline is corroborated in various forms like the half-life of carbon-14 found completion at the end of the Sixties in 5730/1970, precisely fifty years from now, 5780/2020. Our planet is based on sevens, like the seven day week and seven outer planets all of which have moons, replicated in the seven continents as depicted in the seven parts of the human body: head, torso, legs, arms and sex.

Amid the myriad of Jewish books, the Zohar which translates as Brilliant, written two thousand years ago announces towards the end of this voluminous text, These words are meant for the End of Days. This ominous sounding epilogue has been wildly misunderstood as a meme of destruction and calamity. The Truth is, from 1970 when the carbon calendar ended, began the end of the Roman calendar in the year two thousand, the Mayan calendar in 2012 and the six thousand year human calendar beginning from the first man, in 220 years. The End of Days is the end of the male domination.

My name is Timeless and I have recently published, Sex a Metaphor to Life — Trump 777 and the Thousand Years of Woman. This book is the result of fifty years of study into the secrets of creation from the ancient Hebrew and Aramaic texts, plus and interweaving of scientific evidence corroborating what is written in the Zohar two thousand years ago, disputing the Big Bang Theory thus placing the Human Being in the center of creation. My book is available from my website: along with my book, Kabbalistic Tarot and a course of the same name, explaining the workings of the Tree of Life. Please come to my site and subscribe.



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