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There is no planet B, but can we build Earth 2.0?

A plan B

Where is the safest place on Earth going to be? I am seeing more and more questions like this on the internet. Also, sometimes I see ads proposing bunker-like residences for rich people. Climate change consequences look disastrous, but how are we going to be safe if there is no plan B? Is it really too late to do something about it?

I used to have panic attacks thinking about a grim future that I thought was unavoidable. However, I would like to convince you that there is a possibility of having a much better future if we do the right things right now.

First of all, let’s address the issue with CO2 emissions. Simple math is saying that it is going to take a very long time to take out all CO2 emissions that we have been putting in the atmosphere. But it turns out we don’t need to concentrate our efforts on this issue for the moment. Instead, we should be focusing our attention to prevent climate change consequences like droughts and floods. If we just follow simple rules, those two phenomena seem to be preventable despite high CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. The rules are derived empirically from the observations in the history of anomalous weather events, and I gave these rules here and here. For the record, I am not a climate scientist, but you don’t have to be one to see the pattern of a rainmaking action in our history. In the case you don’t believe that weather controlling is possible, but you have to calm down your amygdala for a moment, I describe here a concept of a future housing that we could build as our shelters.

What is the best shelter going to be? In terms of security, it looks like caves have been the best place to live in since prehistoric times. To be safer, it is better to provide caves to all other people as well. It would be even better if our shelters could provide us with food and water. Thus, as we have all requirements for our dwelling, let’s see how it would look like. Below is an artificial mountain with “caves” for everybody.

Consider it like a Tesla in the housing industry. It is supposed to be a high-tech cave. The unique feature of the concept is it can be built indefinitely high. It allows us to transition to a higher dimension, to a 3D world, as we live presently in a 2D world, i.e. on the surface of Earth.

This artificial mountain is the city of interconnected modules i.e., individual houses. Waste and used water are supposed to be recycled within a module. Food is supposed to be grown within a module. The source of energy would be the high-altitude wind if the city is built high enough. The details are given here.

This housing concept is just a concept for the moment. But it could be an answer to the next big question: How are we going to welcome our children and grandchildren as we expect to be 9–11 bln soon? They say, we are going to have demographic implosion. No wonder, as people think not to bring unnecessary suffering to the world because of climate change. On top of that the housing is the big issue that is not well addressed yet. We should start to think about moving to more efficient cities. We should retreat to make room for Nature.

But the problems have to be addressed one at a time, so we do need to start to control floods and droughts first as we have verifiable means to do it. But words are cheap, actions are necessary to prove if rainmaking works as we wish to. The preparation to make a rainmaking experiment in 2022 is underway. Our future is going to be much brighter if we just start doing the right things.

To share our hope for the better future, share this article with your friends. If you are interested to participate or to organize a rainmaking experiment (or want to avoid floods), please contact



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