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There it is — the collapse — right in front of us

By 2020, the planetary oligarchy had reached maximum concentration. The largest (by a wide margin) clan controlled two-thirds of all managerial levers and resources.

Of course, the degree of control varied depending on the area of dominance.

The story of the power grab is long and beautiful in its own way. There was not only raiding, but also, for example, the intellectually exemplary destruction of America’s institutions by beatniks and CIA agent Timothy Leary. But there is an end to everything. We are on the crest of a wave. The number of dangerous splashes is rising fast. There it is — the collapse — right in front of us.

The only way out is to freeze the entire wave and gently pick the profits. “Freeze” is not a figure of speech, it is an accurate description of the only way out, which the globalists have.

Translated into plain English, they have no choice but to remove all unnecessary population. The size of the clan along with all distant relatives and servants is no more than a million people (1/9000 of the world). It is estimated that they need at least 300 million people (~1/30th of the world) to maintain the technology chains. In the future, they can do with fewer and fewer.

If there are 30 people in a locked room, how can one person kill the other 29, much less 9000?! He can’t, even with a machine gun. The crowd will take over the gun and fire back. Even if everyone is asleep when he starts. It would take nothing less than anaesthesia for everyone in the room except one killer.

So neither world war nor epidemics will help, it will backfire on the cleaners themselves. It became clear that woke-ism didn’t work either. The only way out is to get 100% of the people used to regular injections, just as they are used to buying plain water in the supermarkets. The main thing is to have it everywhere. And long enough. At least a couple of generations. Otherwise it will be noticeable.

If there is Russia and Iran, nothing will work. Islam and Orthodoxy, backed by strong armed states, will clearly demonstrate the contrasting alternatives. Russia and Iran must be destroyed.

In this respect, China is a dual factor. It can interfere, or it can help. It depends on who will be in the leadership of the CCP. The people of China are not a factor, because Confucianism is not a religion. Now, only the lust for profit is at work in Chinese society.

If the U.S. does not destroy the world energy market now, it will quickly find itself in a cesspool. This is their only chance to regain colonial control of the rest of the world. If they don’t take it, even if they employ a strategy of shock hyperinflation, other countries will simply go through a more or less serious economic crisis. But the U.S. will then be de facto excluded from the system of world economic relations. The WTO will die along with the World Bank. Calculations in dollars will cease. The U.S. will be kicked out of all concessions. All countries will close their financial markets to the U.S. and refuse to invest in the U.S. stock market, let alone treasuries. The planet will begin to demand repayment of debts at a real price, paid for with real things.

And where and on what will the United States feed itself? How will they get their daily bread without colonial taxes? Rot like the Africans for the next 100 years? Can you imagine that? The United States is in the economic position of today’s Ukraine, for the next 100 years.

Thus, the second necessary component for the globalists is control of the U.S. administration. In 2019, Trump was clearly in the lead, holding such trump cards as a strengthening economy and voter cohesion. The first was struck by lockdowns. The simulacrum of cohesion on the donkey’s side was created through the demonstrative elimination of a certain Floyd. But even this was not enough, faith in the institution of elections had to be sacrificed.

A desperate situation requires desperate measures. We see deviations from the party line all the time; the officials behave like Howard Hamlin vs. Saul Goodman; the U.S. quickly became a third-world country.

The owners of the Federal Reserve will have to provoke a general insubordination of the masses to act as the only possible force for stability. In the blink of an eye, ostensible democracy will become an ironclad dictatorship. And the people will support all this in exchange for temporary, meaningless guarantees by the puppeteers.


We have been asked more than once why we do not always back up our words and even numerical statements with references, and do not sufficiently argue our often shocking statements. Why are we so unapologetic, while offering a quite practical framework for development?

The short answer is: When in Rome do as the Romans do.

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