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Thought Currents of Mental Health and Neurodevelopment

Electric Current | Source wiki

Neurons power thoughts — the currents of mental health. Motion patterns of thoughts across the brain places mental health and heterogeneous developmental divergence.

It is differences with the thought version of the external, in those conditions — relaying — that makes knowing, feelings and reactions unequal.

Thoughts, in general, are the construct of anything external to the brain, just as light is sight, or vision is characterized by light.

There are people around the world who had tried to fight their mental health and neurodevelopment disorders but lost. There are others at it, or with something else [substance abuse, a negative] against it.

Mental health and neurodevelopment are tough, in part because approaches exclude tracking thought emergence and transport, [or seeing without light].

Neuroimaging displays other details, but not thought pathways.

Centralizing thoughts — from multisensory integration, then relay, would become a new map against the intractability of the mind.



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