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Top IT Outsourcing Companies In India & USA

Finding the ideal IT outsourcing business for your needs can be difficult. It is essential to realize that you should select a tech partner who enables you to increase productivity, lower development costs in the simplest ways, shorten development times, and offer the most innovative outsourcing services available.

But which choice is the finest of the many available options and how can you know if it is the most reliable one?

We’ve got all the answers for you. We’ve listed the top ten leading businesses you can trust based on a vast list of reviews, rankings, and other indicators.

Let’s hop on to read about each of them.

Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies In India & USA

Here are the top 10 IT outsourcing companies to help you select the best outsourcing partner:

1. Trigent — India

Trigent is a top offshore enterprise product and software development business with more than 22 years of expertise. Additionally, they have a history of launching 300 profitable ventures in only the last three years. Trigent is included in the top 10 IT outsourcing firms in India list compiled by sites like Clutch and Quora.

They have provided design, development, testing, and launch services for several small, medium, and big businesses.

  • Services & Solutions: Real-time location systems, Blockchain, Cloud, Mobile, Web, Internet of Things, and Data
  • Industries served: Healthcare, retail, education, and manufacturing
  • Cost per developer: $25 to $49

2. PixelCrayons — India

PixelCrayons is an award-winning IT & Software Outsourcing Company based in India, offering end-to-end solutions to Enterprises, ISVs, Digital Agencies, and Startups.

Since its establishment, PixelCrayons has serviced 5400+ customers from 38+ countries. The firm is highly acknowledged among clients for its agile/DevOps development process, SLA-driven approach, and on-time project delivery.

PixelCrayons has one of the industry’s best client retention rates (97%+). As of date, there are 600+ people in the company, with over 70% CAGR over the past 3 years.

  • Services & Solutions: Blockchain, Cloud, Mobile, Web, Internet of Things, and Data
  • Industries served: Healthcare, retail, aviation, education, and manufacturing
  • Cost per developer: <$25 per hour

3. BrainVire — India

BrainVire Infotech is an internationally recognized IT service leader that provides entrepreneurs wishing to work with cutting-edge software and business development technology with various IT solutions.

The organization has always prioritized setting trends using its numerous resources, vast knowledge, and unrivaled competence to provide effective and timely services to multinational corporations across various industries.

With a solid 16+ year history, the company has 1300+ happy customers worldwide. It ranks highly among Indian IT outsourcing companies thanks to these advantages.

  • Services & Solutions: Game App Development, Enterprise Solutions, ERP & CRM Integration, Mobile App Development (Android, iOS, Windows, Hybrid), Web App Development (PHP,.NET, MEAN stack), Ecommerce Development (Omni channel Solution)
  • Industries Served: Retail, education, finance, healthcare, media & entertainment, logistics, advertising, diamond & jewelry
  • Cost per developer: $25 — $49 per hour

4. ValueCoders — India

ValueCoders is a software development business with over 18 years of solid experience creating top-notch software solutions. The group’s developers assist businesses, startups, software development firms, digital agencies, and other organizations in streamlining their outsourcing experiences and decreasing costs and time-to-market.

They have been offering their clients specialized software development teams since they are a top IT outsourcing partner in India and have extensive knowledge of various web and mobile development technologies.

An Indian software outsourcing company consistently ranks in the top 10 on most lists.

  • Services & Solutions: Web/Mobile Development, Application Maintenance, App Modernization, Testing & QA
  • Industries Served: Travel and tourism, banking and finance, media and entertainment, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, publishing, automotive, and digital marketing agencies
  • Cost per developer: $100-$149 per hour

5. Clarion Technologies — India

Clarion Technologies is one of the top providers of technology solutions with a focus on web, mobile, and technology services. Their distinctive engagement style, supported by top-notch personnel, top-notch technical oversight, and cutting-edge infrastructure, enables clients to take advantage of the best of outsourcing.

The organization has continuously been rated as the best outsourcing partner in India for its work on reputable lists like Clutch, Hackernoon, and Quora.

  • Services & Solutions: Agile Project Management, Analytics & BI, Mobile App Development, Cloud Strategy & Development, Internet of Things, Web Development, and Mobile App Development
  • Industries Served: Healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, e-learning, digital marketing agency, media & entertainment, and lifestyle
  • Cost per developer: $25 to $49

6. Peak Support — USA

Peak Support is a sizable IT outsourcing company established in the USA in 2015 and offers a range of outsourcing services to companies worldwide.

Customer service and other business process outsourcing services are among their main offerings. They provide gaming, software & technology, and retail & e-commerce services.

If you manage a medium-sized IT or e-commerce company with various commercial functions, they can be an excellent outsourcing alternative.

  • Services & Solutions: Customer support, technical support, sales operations, back office tasks
  • Industries Served: Retail & eCommerce, gaming, software & technology
  • Cost per developer: <$25

7. CIENCE Technologies — USA

CIENCE Technologies, a B2B company with headquarters in Solana Beach, California, primarily offers lead-generation services to companies in the USA.

According to the material on their official website, they are professional sales development representatives (SDRs) who specialize in deploying multichannel outreach techniques to generate leads for their clients.

  • Services: Sales data solutions, Outbound SDR, Inbound SDR, CRM services
  • Cost per developer: $25

8. Helplama — USA

Helplama is a US-based outsourcing company that offers micro, small, and medium-sized businesses a range of business process outsourcing options.

Helplama offers organizations specialized BPO solutions based on their needs, unlike large outsourcing companies.

Additionally, they let their clients communicate with and train the hired outside help to ensure high-quality services.

Customer service outsourcing

  • Live chat outsourcing
  • Phone support outsourcing
  • Email support outsourcing
  • Social media support outsourcing.
  • SaaS support outsourcing

Data Entry Outsourcing

  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Cost for outsourcing: $399

9. Kareo — USA

Kareo is a BPO firm with headquarters in California that offers healthcare organizations cloud-based medical technology solutions.

Their major offering is a platform for medical technology called Kareo, which can assist you in streamlining numerous processes associated with providing healthcare to clients.

Among the many products they have created are Kareo Clinical, Kareo Billing, and Kareo Engage.

  • Services: Care delivery, Insurance reimbursement, Patient engagement, Patient collection, Managed billing
  • Cost: They include several tailored options for medical professionals and non-professional healthcare providers. You can also schedule a demo on the Kareo website.

10.Firms Desk — USA

The Firms Desk is a reputable company with a New York base that offers its clients back-office assistance and customer support services.

They concentrate on offering established companies with a respectable number of activities top-notch outsourcing services.

If you’re a start-up with a small business, you might find their services to be pricey.

  • Service: Customer Support, Back Office Support, Technical Support
  • Cost: $1499 per month/person

Final Words

Even if the outsourcing trend is moving customer support to cheaper and more competitive markets like India, there are certain incomparable advantages to hiring an outsourcing company in the US for a US-based or global company selling in the USA.

In India, you can find unmatched technical know-how, talents, and excellent enterprise solutions. The country’s other financial and technological hub welcomes customers from other nations, even a different timezone.

So, if you are looking for an organization to provide IT outsourcing services, you can try the above-mentioned firms.



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