Twitter’s Decision and the New Tech Economy of AI tokens and prompts

Diop Papa Makhtar
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5 min readMar 28


I have been listening, watching, and learning from those who are acting and sharing what they do online without stealing a portion of the attention span of internet consumers by using tech-enabled marketing tactics and growth models based on an engineered virality that is hard to sustain without getting this precious currency that is trust. A precious currency that got reminded to me today by Natasha Mascenrah’s tweet, this was just before I got to see larrykim’s profile which reminded me of this early interest in conversational bots because when Facebook and others APIzed their messaging platforms because during those time many tech entrepreneurs like larry and I spotted the opportunity to design, develop and sell conversational bots to enterprises and internet consumers. And now that I have finished this paragraph I remember how a decade and some years ago with this open-source asterisk server I was planning to build what would have been whatsapp because I was willing to help African immigrants in Paris spend less on phone billing cards. If I am a good tech opportunity spotter that’s because of people like A. S Deller, Aminata Thior, olivier mathiot, Eric S. Yuan, Elizabeth Lawler, Shane Wall, Guido Kerkhof, Sara Fisher, Tommy Palm, Peter Lee, Amit Zavery, Adam Carrigan, Chris Do (dressing) Allie K. Miller , Giorgia Lupi (article about her here ), Mike Allton, George Hahn, Blake Irvin, Martin Zwilling, Ben Chestnut, Mark Schaefer, Brad Stone, Sean Ellis, Dharmesh, Karen Wickre , Vijaychattha, Robert Scoble who is like an AI enthusiastic tech spotter ) and Natasha Mascarenhas this senior tech crunch reporter who reminded me of the importance of trust that is like a currency.

Natasha Mascarenha’s tweet about tech people fearing to talk with the press

I have listed above all the people that follow me and larrykim at the same time because crawling this list of larry Kim’s followers I identified myself with the people inside it and this promptly inspired me to write about how we form friendships and then “familyships” because the meaning of family is broader than what we think and then with networks of families we form tribes and then a meaningful society like the one we form now even if we all know that there are some flaws in front of us that we have to fix to become a better society. I am not as spotty am with technology for fixing these societal flaws but I am tempted and believe that by connecting and interacting between us we are more likely to solve these societal flaws and technology helps us amplify our capability of finding, designing, building, developing, engineering and applying solutions to any kind of problem while helping us easily connect and interact. Concerning all these statements we should do something and we should do it together but doing it will first require us to connect.

Twitter has decided that Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations what in my first impression was sounding like a tax (advertise me’s price) for people like me to get the opportunity to be known by people like Natasha or larrykim …. and a decision that calls for this mantra of pay and become a celebrity because there are many rushing for personal brands and business in social media but I don't think that a social media should be like that. I hopefully already know these people I listed above but starting from now I should acknowledge that maybe I will not get the opportunity to know someone like me who can't afford Twitter blue and those who won't unless Twitter considers a portion of spots for these people like me and why not an arrow slider box from 0 to 100% that allows any Twitter user decide the proportion of verified accounts tweets and nonverified account tweets that she or he wanna see.

But I can blame Twitter because it’s a for-profit platform with financial constraints like profitability but there could be other flows of revenues that don't suck out users' pockets and a few days ago reviewing the pricing of tokens with chatGPT I thought about how pricy all these saas software was because when 1000 token can help achieve all this amazing thing with prompt many software as service pricing seemed to make no sense and here is Twitter announcing what looks like this tax that local government charge for billboards. Frankly, we should all thanks governments of all the countries of the world because governments have not taxed us so much as tech giants for getting the attention of others, and still in African countries like mine people and organization are benefiting still from governments because they just don't pay or not promptly.

was reflecting on this shift from a code, compute, storage, and network-based economy to this prompt compute storage and network economy and I witnessed many changes in leadership and pricing of tech products and this increasing technical capability of people with generative AI that will make it easier to do technical tasks productively with less technical knowledge thanks to what is one of the elements that made us become the homo sapiens we became and this thing is natural language. I don’t know if reading again and trying to better understand George Lakoff and Mark Johnson's theory called the Metaphors We Live By will help take much of this new era for me and those I will try to help like how these people I got connected to through the medium of the internet helped me better than my own self and more helpful to others.

PS: Looking for a featured image for this article I landed on this article about Artificial Intelligence at Twitter.