Artificial Super Intelligence would soon lead us to an Utopian Society

Types of Artificial Intelligence and examples

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Artificial Intelligence is the concept of giving the ability of learning to machines. But , are there any levels or types of AI ? Yes. Theoretical AI says that Intelligence ( be it natural or artificial ) has three types:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence ( ANI )
  2. Artificial General Intelligence ( AGI )
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence ( ASI ) ( the coolest of all… )

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence ( ANI )

It is a stream of intelligence which is prominent in performing a single task with smartness. The intelligence learns about a single task which it has to perform efficiently and with smartness(intelligently). It is considered to be a basic concept of AI.


  1. Speech Recognition ( can only recognize speech )
  2. Voice Assistants i.e Cortana, Alexa ( only act upon voice commands which perform a certain action )

This type of Intelligence is achieved by humanity.

2.Artificial General Intelligence ( AGI )

As the name suggests , it is general-purpose. Its smartness/efficiency could be applied to do various tasks as well as learn and improve itself. It is comparatively as intelligent as the human brain. Unlike ANI , it can learn and improve itself to perform various tasks.


AlphaGo, though only able to play Go, but its intelligence could be applied in various other fields.

Research is being carried out to obtain AGI.

3.Artificial Super Intelligence ( ASI )

Artificial Super Intelligence is a aspect of intelligence which is more powerful and sophisticated than a human’s intelligence. Human’s intelligence is considered to be one of the most capable and developmental. Super intelligence can surpass human intelligence , it can think about abstractions which are IMPOSSIBLE for humans to think. The human brain is made of neurons and is thereby constrained to some billion neurons.

Documents say ,

Artificial superintelligence is a term referring to the time when the capability of computers will surpass humans. “Artificial intelligence,” which has been much used since the 1970s, refers to the ability of computers to mimic human thought. Artificial superintelligence goes a step beyond, and posits a world in which a computer’s cognitive ability is superior to a human’s.

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