Wait — why DIDN’T you get your Brain Scanned?

Anthony Repetto
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2 min readFeb 25, 2024

~ pre-requisite to the pre-nuptial, obvs! ~

Photo by Priyanka Singh on Unsplash

TL;DR — As SOON as a *voluntary* Brain Scan is reliable, it will be a Social Expectation. If you don’t want to show your cred, it’s because you don’t got it! Justice ensues, to the chagrin of every blowhard charmer and douche. Applause!

We can already put a rubber cap over your hair, and scan the magnetic fields coming off of your noggin, to let Ai regenerate your mental imagery. If you are watching a video of a Parrot Fish swimming the tropics, then the Ai imagines a Parrot Fish swimming in blue waters! Not an exact match, but darn good, already. In five years, you’ll prefer the match-making service that requires a Scan from male applicants, right? THAT is why you won’t need a government imposing it; we filter fine on our own.

That doesn’t even need to happen in this (or your) country! Go ahead and BAN it — because folks will FLY to those locales, just to wave their cred and get that right-swipe! People will pay exorbitant fees on the Dark Web to smuggle EEG kits, running their own hot-server just to pull bank when neighbors realize they can get scanned in your hobby-garage for $200 a pop. You cannot STOP this freight-train. And a creepy CGI Tom Hanks IS the Conductor!

Claiming that ‘women wouldn’t really…’ is like claiming that men would never want to get a Paternity Test. Do NOT doubt the demand for an Honest Man! And thus, we all got swiped under the loving eye of EEG, to tell if we are Loving and Just. I’ll go gladly — I know my choices. :)