We don’t know what we eat… Only Blockchain can bring a solution.

Those times of sanitary and economic crisis show us how fragile our systems are. The growing number of broken supply chains is creating new local productions and trade channels but also putting people’s health at risk. For a fact, traditional food traceability protocols “From Farm to Fork” are not sufficient to cope with coming foodborne illnesses. It is more than urgent to link food products traceability directly form the land to get more precise information and respond faster to the outbreaks.

Jun 1, 2020 · 3 min read

Broken supply chains and rising food prices

All countries are currently facing food price surges and shortages due to broken supply chains. In this turbulent context, it is often impossible to make sure that the remaining agricultural products available on our stalls are actually safe to eat, free from poisonous crop protection residues.

Then, does it really make a difference in consuming products while being able to trust crop protection, harvest, storage and shipping methods with our lives?

The obvious answer is YES. In fact, unhealthy food production processes are responsible for an increasingly important number of casualties, projected to be over 5 million deaths a year by 2050.

The only solution, Blockchain

Then, how to trustfully isolate the good from the bad products? How to make sure all agricultural products, including animals, are given the care they ought to? Only one answer: Blockchain.

Imagine an immutable, decentralized and always accessible database. A real travelogue containing all production details, accessible as easily as scanning a QR code on the final product.

At Eland Atlas, we are able to extract such critical information by providing 4.0 Agribusiness technologies to our farmers. This way, they benefit from the extensive use of these state-of-the-art technologies to greatly improve and fully monitor their yield, while being 100% transparent with the consumer.

Help us secure tomorrow

To make sure that we do not have to wait for any other crisis to realise how febrile foundations our consumption model is relying on, help us take back control of our farmlands.

You can either choose to support the project by purchasing ELAND Tokens directly through Uniswap embedded into our website on

Else, if you are wishing to invest your time or further discuss the project with the team, I invite you to reach us via our .

Written by Alexis Brand


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