5 Exciting Predictions That Will Convince You to Use Cloud Services

May 5, 2017 · 4 min read

Is there a future?

According to the world-famous writer and public figure Nicolas Carr, today IT systems are becoming a thing of the past: the competitive importance of IT inevitably decreases, the software, like once electricity, becomes… a communal service! Just like a century ago, the creation of powerful power stations marked a new era in the life of mankind, and today we are experiencing a similar technological revolution that radically changes our lives.

Let’s see what we found out about cloud computing!

By 2020, the popularity of the “cloud” will have grown significantly. There will be many pleasant changes, and one of them should be the complete freedom from the “no-cloud” policy. Cloud-based analogs are much better and more flexible to use. Experts believe that all “no-cloud” companies will definitely start using cloud services in their work. After all, at the end of 2015, 88% of entrepreneurs transferred their companies to clouds.

If you haven’t followed their example yet, than what are you waiting for?

What does the future prophesy for us?

Here are the main predictions that will definitely convince you to become a part of this “revolution”:

#1. The software will be separated from the hardware

Even today, cloud applications are often used to automate business using CRM, ERP, PSA and HR systems stored on remote servers. All these tendencies are growing every year. So, in the future the software that we’ll use will be somewhere “far beyond the horizon”, and information from it will pass through several filters before starting to interact with the user’s computer.

#2. Modular software will be a priority

The complexity and size of individual programs are growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, cloud technologies will require new system thinking, and software development will have to be thought over from different angles. Especially when you consider the fact that in the near future applications can be stored not just in the cloud: they will consist of many modules located on servers of different cloud services. After all, the fee for using cloud services has not been canceled, and placing individual components of programs in different storages can be one way to reduce the cost of software.

#3. Low-power processors will stimulate the decline in prices for services of cloud providers

Today low-power chips are available on the market. They allow to use processors with low power consumption for data processing.

#4. Data security will continue to be superior

Undoubtedly, the physical security of data centers is also important, just like reliable encryption of information. In the near future, the minimum requirements for the current SSL protocol will be seriously changed: for sure we will have to forget about the current 256 bits, as we forgot about the encryption of 56- and 60-bit encryption. Due to constantly increasing security requirements, physical access to the data center will also be severely limited, and to enter the protected premises you will need not only an electronic key, but also a procedure for biometric scanning.

And the most exciting prediction…

#5. Clouds will make people richer

Over time, the software is becoming more standardized: leading companies are working on the compatibility of web applications. To open a PDF file, you do not need to install Acrobat, and Word 2013 is able to work with files of dozens of different types. This will allow companies to interact with each other easily. After all, cloud computing will lead to changes in the production cycle. All this will force manufacturers to produce better products at a lower price.


The future of cloud computing is a chance for a huge technological breakthrough for the companies using this technology today. We have described only some of the trends associated with the development of cloud computing. However, in a few years we will see that the clouds will bring much more benefit to the world than one can imagine now. Owners of companies should stay up to date on the latest developments in the world of cloud technologies in order to be competitive.

Very soon, cloud technologies will allow working faster and more efficiently than it is today. In addition, together with their spread, our life will accelerate.

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