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Why Aliens Don’t Exist

There is a very simple proof aliens do not exist. The Moon precisely covers the Sun during an eclipse over the one planet in the universe, not just harboring life but, fecund with life. The possibility of life suddenly happening after a 13 billions year gestation and be precisely accompanied by a perfect eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, happening every few years somewhere on the Earth, is blatantly impossible. Life does not just happen, life is as result of design. In other words, the Big Bang Theory is wrong; therefore, if life does not spontaneously happen, then the logical ramifications are — aliens don’t exist, except in the movies.

This obvious fact conveyed by the eclipse of the Sun by the Moon has been conveniently overlooked for centuries in favor of the Big Bang Theory, where something comes out of nothing. Take all the zeros in the universe and pack them together is still nothing. However, the opposite can be true, nothing can come out of something. Ancient writings claim the universe is engraved into hard light producing infinite shards in a space wherein movement is measured by time. Previous to this engraving there was no time because there was no space. The Creator of the Hard Light called OreAinSof/LightWithoutEnd wants to be known in low, presumably time and space is considered low by the Creator.

One of the conundrums facing scientists championing the Big Bang Theory is the uniformity of creation everywhere throughout the universe expressed in atoms, all with pretty much the same uniform construction. Engraving transfers precise information through every mark on the engraving tool, called a graver, into exact transfers but in the opposite direction; that which goes in appears out, and that which goes out appears in — the original way the Creator shielded creation from the truth, so individuality could take form and thrive. There are far more species in creation scattered throughout the heavens than the diversity in the sea, yet throughout creation there are no aliens because life does not just happen.

Everything in creation happens only with the consent of the Creator who creates creation through the vehicle of logic, pervasive throughout the inception, the engraving upon the graver. We expect nature to be logical and predictable but without any reason other than, God created creation with logic then signed creation with the eclipse of the Sun by the Moon. There are countless other expression of God’s constant influence throughout creation and still this pernicious theory of something coming out of nothing persists. People who want to take power first need to dethrone the sitting king. The King of the World is the Creator of the World from whose blessing we exist.

By insisting on promulgating this pointless theory on unsuspecting people, the old king has been dethroned and the people have been disempowered. Once the link is broken between the king and the people, chaos arises, that’s when the unscrupulous ascend to take power. Between science and religion, both the Heaven and Earth have been disparaged and defamed. Imagination has no bounds but the truth is sacred and in need of preservation. Every child comes into this world with same question: Where am I? How can we look into the pristine eyes of our child and say, We accidentally happened onto life?

Life cannot adequately be maintained without adding in the components of spirit and soul. According to the ancients, Heaven begins half way between the Earth and the Moon. The Earth is the center of creation, not spatially but because physicality is the lowest aspect in creation and the Creator created creation to fulfilled the Creator’s desire to be known in low. What could be lower than people who think we somehow made ourselves out of nothing, an idea the ancients called, stupid. The concept of aliens is an outgrowth of this preposterous stupidity perpetrated against the people of Earth.

Aliens are truly alien to creation, so much so that there are no aliens, only boogiemen. There is certainly much more beyond this physical realm; the heavens are filled with souls, angels, entities and energies all come into reality through a logical mechanism in creation designed from the very beginning. The human being, the bastion of free choice, does not create or destroy but we direct reality from moment to moment by the strength of our intentions. Aliens are a copout, a way to shirk our responsibility to the Creator and the creation. To be free, requires living according to the truth.



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