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Why human is living on the earth

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The reason for human existence belongs to certain criteria. The reason is that God has given human a special right to live on this planet with greater dignity. Actually, human has a better ability to think, emote, feel and act as well. Therefore, human has the highest right to live on this planet. When you will compare human with the other animal species, then you will see that human outperforms all animals in all segments of life on this planet. Practically, human existence is based on the power of instinct, emotion and action. So that you will see that other animals cannot show their power as per as human does. It is a kind of high intelligence and deliverance from a wider perspective.


In the animal kingdom, you will see that all animal life on food. However, one difference between human and other animal is that human has a greater choice for food whereas the other animals have a limited choice. Therefore, in this direction, human outperforms the other animals in this segment as well. If you have a solitary choice for food, then you will have a limitation to growing physically and mentally as well. Nevertheless, in the reality, you will see that a solitary choice of food will give you a retardant growth in all directions. Therefore, your ability to shine will be decelerated in a random manner as well. Moreover, the sequence of human food choice will give you a unique experience, which you will never find in other animals in the animal kingdom.


When human thinks for shelter, then human always does in the various forms. The reason is that human has a peculiar choice for shelter formation. However, any other animal in the animal kingdom has no many varieties regarding the shelter choice as well. Therefore, in this context, the human can change its shelter formation and location according to their requirement. Nevertheless, other animals could not do it as a human does. The reason is that shelter is a kind of umbrella under which gives shadow to all living objects as well. However, the quality of shadow will differ from human to other animals.


It is an interesting element for a human being. The reason is that it covers the human body from protecting the shame of the naked body. Nevertheless, for the case of other animals, it will not require. Although, the definition of clothing for the other animals will be different as well. The reason is that they will not require any clothing like a human. Moreover, the sense of clothing for the other animals has a different perspective. Their body fur gives protection against cold as well as for body temperature controlling as well. But the cloth for the human is to cover their naked body from society and establishing


In this context, the human is highly capable to do hope in any direction. However, the case of the other animals is quite negligible. The reason is that hope is only exclusively for human being. The reason is that human has emotion, feeling and passion, which will make human to hope on anything. Nevertheless, it is not for the case of the other animals in the animal kingdom as well.


It is an interesting proposition. The reason is that success is exclusively for human. Because the feeling of success does not belong to the other animals in the animal kingdom. Actually, they never understand it as far as no scientific proof is available until now. Actually, success is the state of the physical entity. Therefore, any animal except human has any kind of success feeling. Therefore, human wins in this regard as well.


If you are human, then you will understand what a decision means. Actually, you will see that decision-making ability will come when your thinking, action, imagination and planning work together. Therefore, it is not possible for any other animal except human in the animal kingdom to make any decision. Actually, human decision-making ability is a multi-directional process whereas other animal’s decision-making ability is a single directional one.


Human is the only animal who does sex in face-to-face formation in the animal kingdom. Moreover, you will see that other animal does sex in the back-to-back formation. Therefore, sexual activity is very much comfortable and enjoyable for the human being. However, in the case of the other animals, sex is very uncomfortable and unhappy ending. For the human, sex is a ritual but for the animal, it is an instinct. For the human, the real meaning of sex is to purify human gene whereas it is a repetition of instinct for the animal as well. Before the inception of human on this earth, sex was not a pre-programmed catalyst for procreation purpose. But after the appearance of a human on the earth, sex became a biological divider between human and other animals as well. It is true that sexual ritual among human makes them more intelligent and spiritual but the sexual instinct among the other animals make them more beast-like mentality also.


Love to human has a special meaning, which indicates an inter-personal relationship. Nevertheless, love for the other animals means sexual relationship and mate selection. Therefore, the definition of love to human is highly emotional but for the other animals, it is instinctive.

Therefore, a human is living on this planet with its own glory where the other animals are living under human intervention, which is highly appealing to the living planet.



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