Why People Don’t Understand Metaverse (yet)

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4 min readJan 13, 2022


“They condemn what they don’t understand” — Latin Expression

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These days we hear a lot of blabbering about why Metaverse will fail, why it will not be used, why “it’s just a hype” and why people who dream about it never gonna make it(NGMI). Seems like it’s a popular tendency that society has these days.

But remember: Society was always wrong. According to society in 2000, Internet was a lame thing that computer nerds use. Internet was transitory.

Newspaper article published in 2000. Society was always wrong.

If we would try to understand internet and it’s future in mid - late 90s, (we wouldn’t think about a future without CRT monitors, ATX towers, heavy laptops with thick panels, big and heavy, inefficient battery units, weak dial-up connections that disconnects all the time, hard to keep the connection alive, can’t transmit video, downloads a song in 30 minutes) we couldn’t imagine today.

Almost everything we do today was impossible to even imagine 25 years ago.

On mobile phones we had WAP connection, which charges you upon the time duration in seconds you use it. On the computers we had Dial-up connection that charges you for duration too. Also, they were slow as hell. You could send an mp3 song in 40 minutes in ICQ.

Remember the voice in ICQ: “Incoming File Transfer” !

After WAP We had GPRS connection which charges you upon the bandwith you use in your mobile phone. You could text easily, because the text is less in size. But when it comes to media, for only 10 megabytes you had to pay a lot! And it was slow as hell too. By that time mobile phones didn’t have color screens or cameras. They had simple operating systems that you could text, call and play Snake.

Now think about Youtube or Netflix in 1995. When some futurist went out and said “Everybody will have a TV channel of their own, they will be able to broadcast from their home with their cameras” everybody was laughing. I saw those years and society was laughing. Please never forget the majority of society is always wrong.

Now people complain about VR glasses being heavy. I just don’t get why they think these early prototypes will be here forever.

Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

We can have so lightweight and transparent ones like real glasses or even may not need to carry VR glasses anymore. There may be projectors used on empty walls controlled with haptic controls or projects like Neuralink may achieve brain-computer connection flawlessly.

Tiny cameras, eye scanners and fingerpoint scanners were also impossible back in the day. But they now come with every single device you buy.

Imagine if you could ask people about Iphone back then. Imagine what they would have said when they see the General Magic Prototype. (first smartphone made in 1994)

Smartphone prototype by General Magic in 1994

“How are you gonna carry this in your pocket?”

“What difference does it make? How it’s different than my old phone? Same ugly graphics. It’s not like a TV screen.”

“Who will use it? Only you and I have it. Then what? This is just another nerd item that nobody uses.”

Because of the lack of imagination and vision, we hear these every time before a new thing comes out. In the end those who have complained the most, become the ones who adopt the most. They love their smartphones now. They love it so much they put it in their bed, they even go to the toilet together. I know people who wanna use their smartphones while showering but complain that they can’t due to technical difficulties. 😂

For those who witnessed the recent history, Metaverse gets more and more exciting whenever an “internet expert” goes out and says Metaverse is not going to happen. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. You’re all gonna be in it :)

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” — Henry Ford



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