Why the Next Mass Extinction Could Dethrone Humans From the Top of the Food Chain

Dominant Credo
Oct 21 · 4 min read
Image by Siamlian Ngaihte from Pixabay

“Life would never have evolved on Earth without death.”

Life and death are part of the same cycle establishing the core principles of the food chain.

The food chain is the one and only, omnipotent constitution for all living organisms on the planet. We all play by its rules, no cheating available.

- “Are we here to talk about food?”

- “We are here to discuss the connection between food, life, and death.”

We know what food is, and we know what life is, but we don’t know anything about death. Noone came back from the dead to tell a story — a real story. That’s why we had to make up stories about some people coming back from the dead. There are many religious books telling such stories.

Our minds acts like computers — they solve problems. Some problems, like walking and talking, are easy — we don’t spend much computing power. Other problems are more complicated, like a math problem in school, or what dress to wear for a dinner party. There is also another level or problems— those we cannot fully comprehend, therefore we cannot really solve. One such problem is what happens to us when we die. At least in terms of our souls. We just don’t know yet.

Since we don’t know the answer to what happens to us (to our souls) after we die, our minds have created a workaround solution. We fabricate fictional stories, out of thin air. Some of us are so good at making up mindblowing fictional stories that we deceive large masses of other people, and creating religions. Religions are mindblowing stories that mistify others to believe in them. It’s like a straw we catch when drowning - an easy way out. Same with religions — they are an easy way out of the mind-limbo-state.

Image by Carabo Spain from Pixabay

- “OK, so do we know anything about death, or is it all fiction?”

- “We actually know stuff, that is scientifically proven.”

We may know nothing about death in terms of the soul, but we know plenty in terms of biology and chemistry. Each living organism on Earth — a plant, animal, or single-cell organism, will die at some point, leaving biological residue behind. What happens is that this residue transforms into nutrition (food) for other species on our planet, thus giving life. A tiny dead bug could release enough nitrogen from its decaying body that would make a nutritious snack for a neighbouring tree. Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. It’s the recycle process of Mother Nature and we can all learn from it.

Image by David MAITRE from Pixabay

- “The biological material of one dead being is serving as dinner for another. We’ve studied this in college, what else is there?”

- “Sit tight, it gets way more interesting when death becomes a mass death event, or also called mass extinction.”

There have been five mass extinction events in our planet’s history. The worst one wiped out 96 percent of marine species and 70 percent of land species. It surely ranks as the number one annihilation event of our planet.

According to mass media, the UN, the WEF, and all the environmental organizations, we are now on the brink of the Sixth mass extinction event.

The last one wiped out all the dinos, and this one is supposed to wipe us out — the humans, along with many other species.

We are all very excited about this event because it not only concerns our own life, but it also endangers the survival of our future generations and our species as a whole.

We won’t discuss the cause of this coming sixth mass extinction. Let’s examine the possible outcomes.

According to scientific and anthropologic studies, the mass extinction of the dinosaurs was the main reason humans have climbed to the top of the food chain. During the age of the dinosaurs, humans were not capable of fighting them, so they were forced to live in constant danger for their lives. This permanent state of our ancestors in “fight or flight” mode, deprived them of any further development as species.

We see this effect even nowdays. When emotionally upset (stressed), we cannot remember, attend, learn, or make decisions clearly. In other words, “Stress makes people stupid.” No wonder our brains entered a rapid development period right after those major villains — the dinosaurs disappeared.

Death not only gives life, but it also triggers further evolution.

There will be a sixth mass extinction event, that’s for sure. Whether it will be soon and whether greenhouse gasses will trigger it, we don’t know. However, we can be sure, that this mass extinction event will trigger another rapid evolution period, the outcome of which could bring another species at the top of the food chain. Interesting to see which one it will be.


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