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World Without War

Twenty years ago, the Mullah running Afghanistan said to the invasion of American troops, they would go the the mountains and wait until America left, then they would return and retake the country. From the start, there was no question what the outcome would be, but America had a hidden agenda. America is an exceptional country, the only Super Power in the world, able to go around the globe forcing other countries into line with the American outlook. But, the only Super Power has declined into a Stupid Power, a bully filled with arrogance, blind to the suffering of others.

America’s blind arrogance is mirrored in our distrust of immigrants and vaccines. Arrogance is impervious to disease; arrogance deserves everything — privilege is the name of the game. The American government looks down upon the rest of the world who are no more than vassals to American wishes. Blinded by the gleam of gelt and the superiority of privilege, Americans allowed another war to happen. Every bullet has the fingerprint of every American citizen. We are a country of destroyers, usurpers and exploiters. The American government comes first, a predator eating its own people, who are but pawns.

The President whines for the American soldier but has no feeling or compassion for those they eradicated over twenty years. This was set up from the beginning, a way for America to save face by the pretense of victory while funneling over two trillion American tax dollars to the merchants of war. Like Vietnam, we did not win and we did not lose, but America made a lot of money squeezed from the citizen under the guise of national security — now, in the hands of the Taliban. This is the sad comedy of war, a thing so stupid it seems laughable.

America is a kind country and should be exporting her kindness not her authority. Americans are walking away from their jobs, not wanting to be part of the machinery destroying our planet or waging war for some indistinct reason. America does not need super power to be unique, we are an immigrant country made of peoples from around the globe living together in peace. Despite justice being a joke and the government’s efforts to flood our country with weapons and police, Americans are peaceful. War helps nothing, better to show kindness and give meaningful advice. The main driver to world peace is cooperation.

America is a beautiful country because we our an amalgam of the whole. Our job is to make America beautiful again, to deconstruct the machinery of war and use our innovative alacrity for the direct care of the human being. Each one of us is an ambassador back to their country of origin. When we make war, we make war on ourselves. We must war no more. The American war machine erected for the Second World War must be eradicated for the safety of the world. Over the last twenty years, America has been the biggest impediment to peace in the world.

Like all countries invaded by other countries, eventually the people return back to their roots and continual their own individual progress towards repairing their part of the world, thus making the entire world a better place to live. This world is called by the name Tikun/Fix. Each region of our planet has problems and solutions indigenous to their place on the globe; the diversity exhibited throughout the Earth is to be beautified, moulded by happy hands into meaningful expressions of being alive — time for America to back off and let the world be.

As for the Taliban, even the harshest of regimes are naturally softened by women, who learn to love their man no matter the restrictions, even those forced into matrimony. Women give birth to children who love their father. Like a tree slowly growing to maturity, people change if given a chance. The Earth is one body and if one part of the body hurts, then the entire body hurts. The challenge of our time is to work in unison, not for the hidden of agenda of man, but to follow the lead of woman and learn cooperation.



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