An Update On Our Gestation

Just like it is in pregnancy, here at Pregnancy Twinning, we’re all about things developing over time...

This summer we’ve been a little quiet as we’ve nurtured and grown the programme, led by your feedback and the needs on the ground in sub-Saharan Africa. Here are 5 things we’re excited about coming into existence

1. Stronger Connections

We believe in facing the scary things in life together, and that connecting people can make a big difference. Since launching, we’ve tried to build stronger connections between families in the UK and Malawi — we’re delighted that we now send UK twins not one but two updates about their Malawian counterparts: before and after the birth.

Our vision is for the connection to go both ways, so that mums in Malawi can learn something about their twins in the UK too. We’re exploring some options. As a first baby step, we’ve created our Twinning Gallery — a photo album of UK twins which we’re sharing with the mums in Malawi when we visit shortly. They’ll be delighted to see your faces — so do send us your photo if you’ve twinned a pregnancy already and would like to be part of the album!

2. Better Communication

You may have noticed things look different. We’ve built a brand new website!

There’s lots of information about the programme, the needs in the communities where we operate, and a space to tell stories — from both Malawi and the UK. To be part of it, email us your pregnancy stories and a few words about why you chose to twin your pregnancy to

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well to stay in the loop with the latest from us.

3. More Choices

We listened to you (gratefully!) when you told us you loved the concept of Pregnancy Twinning and wanted to be able to join in even when you didn’t know anybody who was pregnant.

That’s why we’ve developed the ‘Sponsor a pregnancy’ option, so that groups, workplaces, midwives and anybody else who wants to can support a woman through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

4. Changing Provision

We’ve learnt that too many babies who’ve been supported through a safe birth are still at risk of growing into malnourished infants and that 20% of the cases of stunting in infants start in the womb.

We want to see Pregnancy Twinning babies become strong, healthy children, so we’re working on a nutrition extension programme which will support our families throughout their child’s crucial first 1000 days of life.

5. Pregnancy Twinning Champions

Are you a champion? Well, you could be! We’ll soon have opportunities for people who want to use their time and talents to reach more people with the contagious Pregnancy Twinning idea. Becoming a Pregnancy Twinning Champion will be a fun, fulfilling way to join the movement to making birth safer around the world.

Volunteers have always been the lifeblood of Chasing Zero and Pregnancy Twinning. We’ll be posting other shorter term volunteering opportunities on our online pinboard as they arise — keep an eye on it.

About the size of an avocado…

So that’s where we’re up to with the Pregnancy Twinning initiative. Thank you SO much for your support / feedback / love as it develops and grows.

You’re helping us make an extraordinary difference to women, families and communities in Malawi. Just have a look at the evidence.

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Pregnancy Twinning

Collection of stories from our Pregnancy Twins

Pregnancy Twinning

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Pregnancy Twinning

Collection of stories from our Pregnancy Twins