Ante-Natal Yoga : The empowerment you find and the connection you keep

At Pregnancy Twinning we love the idea of connecting women who are sharing experiences, which is why when our friends at London Dance Academy told us about their mums classes we wanted to pass it on. Sarah Marchant and Antoniya Miteva write

As soon as you have entered the alternate universe which comes with pregnancy, you find yourself being inundated with advice.

There are just SO many experts with a whole new lexicon to master and so many paths you can choose, that sometimes it feels like a potential minefield rather than a natural part of who you are and the journey that you are on.

With such focus depending on the choices you make, the actual challenges you face become complicated further by extraneous pressures; and from this narrative, an lucrative industry has risen.

There is however an ancient way to recover your autonomy. A practice that is over 2,000yrs old and whose very meaning is ‘connection’.

During pregnancy, ante-natal yoga has been found to aid a more comfortable pregnancy with poses that ease nausea and morning sickness, relive pain from sciatica and boost the blood circulation. On top of this practice can prepare the pelvic floor muscles and massage the abdomen, both of which assist with an easier delivery!

In addition to this, it is all centered around breathing exercises, which bring awareness to the body, helping to connect with your developing baby. Increasing the bond between yourself and baby as you move together; this is time between the two of you and can be really helpful for this unique change in woman’s identity from “I” to “We”.

Away from the noise and distractions of the world, in the stillness and peace as you practice, you will feel your intuition, which you will rely on time and time again as a mother, become defined and certain.

Yoga connects you to your self, to your baby and to other mothers-to-be, who themselves will be experiencing the same fears and uncertainties.

The yoga class itself is the perfect opportunity to meet other moms, to create a social circle with women who are sharing your experience.

As you connect with other mum-to-be’s and make that space to connect with yourself, you will become better equipped to support each other as you navigate your way intentionally towards motherhood.

If you want to join London Dance Academy for their pre-natal yoga class you can contact her at or search online for antenatal yoga classes near you.

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