Must Be A Gamer

Best way to break into the industry is to “Love What You Do!”
Jan 6, 2016 · 4 min read
This Guy Does Not Love What He Does

It’s the New Year here at Prelaunch and we are looking to expand our roster! This is a bright moment in our fun little company’s short history! Mainly because hiring more staff is a telltale sign that we aren’t going to be buried alive like so many gaming startups, and ET cartridges, before us. One of the positions we are searching is an an Intern. The hardest part about hiring for this position was forming the official job description. We actually don’t know what he’ll be doing. When you work in such a small capacity, jobs get dueled out like Squeez-Its at a T-ball game. Wait, its not the 90’s anymore! I meant to say Red Bulls at a League of Legends meet-up. There, Much Better! In such a case, we decided that for the job description we’d just list “MUST BE A GAMER.” As open ended as this sound, it highlights a very important, and very awesome, fact of life about our industry…all the job skills, previous experience, education or any other resume building quality can, and should, take a back seat to heart and passion!

A Little Heart Goes A Long Way!

You brought me a 20 page thesis on how to improve our ad revenues? Fantastic…now what’s your favorite game and why? This is a question I posed to three of my users from the PLM forums. All three wish that they could apply for the internship position but, due to whatever reason, they cannot. (Neither knew the context of the question)

A Well Timed Michael Jackson’s Jacket Is Always Welcomed!

MC Gary: I’m a big fan of Zombidle! With me just having a beautiful daughter I don’t have much time for gaming at the moment. Zombidle keeps me entertained with great features without asking too much from me, perfect for a dad like myself!

The Human Flaw: Final Fantasy Tactics. A game that offers a new challenge and experience based on new choices you make. Deep story with outstanding character development. Love it!

Jyve Turkey: I’ve been playing Chaos Rings 3 ever since it came out! It’s everything I want in an RPG; amazing graphics, a good story and LOTS of side content. Over 100 hours put in and I still haven’t finished everything!

Final Fantasy Tactics & Chaos Rings III by Square Enix; Zombidle by Berzerk Studios

In the above examples I would have hired Jyve Turkey because he expressed an extreme amount of enthusiasm. You could just tell that he wanted more lines so he could continue to talk about a product that made him excited! Keep in mind Gary’s was also good because it shed a personal light on his experience with gaming and showed that even when he finds himself in a position that should limit his gaming experience, he finds a way to use it to increase his joy of life! Human Flaw’s may have seem a bit bland, however, it was his third attempt. He had actually given two examples earlier and then changed his mind. Obviously the question and answer is very important to him…and that is important to me!

Enthusiasm At Its Finest!

When hiring for any position in which that person’s job duties entails making sure the Mushrooom Kingdom’s fate is taken seriously by the mainstream public, that person needs to want others to take this “life and death” situation seriously…because they do themselves. To explain to an average “normal” person that arguing over the jumping abilities of Luigi and Mario for 8 hours over the internet is a good use of their time sounds absolutely ludicrous. However, that is the person I need if I expect them to give 110% of their efforts into designing a walking mushroom with teeth. There has to be a sense of illogical motivation behind their daily tasks. They need to have heart. An enthusiasm for gaming is all that is needed; if that desire is there then the work ethic will follow. They will want to come to work every day simply because there is no place they rather be…and that is better than any “put together” resume that I’ll ever receive. In conclusion, I need somebody that will do what they love and not try to learn to tolerate what they do!

*If we haven't scared you away then apply to be our intern:

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