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Overused Midcore Mobile Game Titles

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3 min readFeb 2, 2016

Why You Should Fight Against Mediocrity & Be Unique With Your Branding!

There have been just over 300 games that have come and gone through the Prelaunch.me platform. Since we are very selective with the games that we allow on our platform all of them have been pretty good. However, despite the game itself being enjoyable and worthy of our community’s admiration, the game titles themselves have been pretty generic at times. Yes, there are some unique ones like “Recalcitrant Dead Smile”, “Core Element”, and my personal favorite “Punch Club”. However, for every game that takes a chance on their branding there are 5 games who will recycle the same old tired words. Clash, Saga, Quest, and Knights…these are all titles that have been entirely overdone, but not nearly as much as some of the words listed below!

The Most Commonly Used Words Within Game Titles on PLM:

War: 21

Heroes: 16

Battle: 14

Dragon: 9

Kingdom: 8

Zombie: 7

Empire: 6

Tied for 5:

Tactics, Monster, Arena, RPG

Tied for 4:

Star, Tales, Saga, Clash, Knights, Master, Cosmic, Super, Quest, Souls, Gods, Epic, Clans, Magic

Unfortunately, most of these games immediately garner a negative reception, since the users immediately compare it to a game with a similar name. Even if it is in a completely separate genre, users make the first impression that it is a clone game…and honestly, I can’t blame them. With so many similar games flooding the market it’s hard not to get confused.

Give It To The 6th Graders, Their Joke Got Me To Stop & Look!

Just like an icon, a game’s title is imperative in creating a positive first impression on a potential player. In the sea of apps that litter the Play Store, games need to be unique in order to hook onto potential players immediately.

This Is How The Average Gamer Scrolls The Play Store!

From a quick browse, the time-span to garner a gamer’s attention is limited! A game wants to give a potential player any reason to click it. A clear, interesting Icon, and a unique title work in unison to stop a player’s quick downward scroll. Add a complicated word like “Recalcitrant” or make a joke out of it like “Clash of Cans”, anything to make the user stop the “scroll of doom” and take a second look. On a page filled with the same old crap, you only have once chance at first impressions, and you have to make them count!

There Will Never Be Another Recalcitrant Dead Smile!



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