Using Engagement To Turn Your Consumers Into Your Own Personal Group Of Superheroes!

Gamers Are Like p̶u̶p̶p̶i̶e̶s̶ Batman!
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4 min readMar 8, 2016

Show a little love, and they’ll be your loyal companions forever!

Gamers are like puppies. Treat them right, and they’ll stick by your side forever as loyal companions. Of course gamers also like putting on a “tough” front so comparing them to puppies is likely to gain me some jeers…so lets just go with Batman instead.

Your Average Gamer

The consumer base of the game industry is incomparable to any other commercial entity. Unlike other industries where an unhappy customer is likely to return to buy your product if the demand for it arises, a gamer is likely to go out of their way to shun your product if they feel they have been disrespected. Electronic Arts, despite having an amazing amount of high quality games, was voted worst company in America two years in a row. You’d never see somebody unhappy with their vacuum cleaner vote Hoover the worst company in America. This is because, although a useful tool, its really hard to become passionate over a cleaning product, however, its very easy to form an emotional connection to a product that sole purpose is to brighten the day of its user.

Sure To Brighten Any Dark Knight’s Day!

Whether intended or not, for a true gamer, an emotional attachment is formed for every game. Just like every relationship, the line between love and hate is very thin. However, you can strengthen that line, so even if a few threads peel off, that line will still be strong enough to hold the relationship together.

A Little Love Goes A Long Way!

How is this done? Well, just like a p̶u̶p̶p̶y̶ Batman a little affection goes a long way!

  1. Engage Your Users! Give them updates about the game. Ask them questions. Give them tasks to do. Let them know that you respect their support.
  2. After launch, ask them for their opinions. What could be done to better the game. Don’t wait for the reviews, encourage them.
  3. Follow your users on social media. Gamers are passionate, but they arent dangerous. A Twitter follow, a Facebook like…it takes one second but leaves a lasting impression!

Engaging users before launch is a very important factor in any games success, and my platform has molded an entire business model around it. However, I think the reason for why engaging users before launch is so successful sometimes gets lost in translation. Yes, users now know & care about your product before its released, which will lead to Day 1 installs…but the reason they care is because you cared first! Your shared with them things, that you did not have too; you gave a little first. Engaging users plants the seeds for a long term relationship. One that will see these users leave good Google Play reviews, argue with the haters on your behalf, and follow you to your next project & then the one after that & then one after that! Give a p̶u̶p̶p̶y̶ Batman a nice belly rub and he’ll stay by your side forever!

I’m Batman!

Recently, I myself ran into a little trouble with my Platform and I needed some help. Prelaunch grew at an exponential rate, and me being the only community manager (on top of other tasks) was having some time management issues. I threw up just one Bat Signal, and dozens of superheroes that came to my aid! I now have a team of volunteer community ambassadors called “Side Kicks” that will browse the boards and help those who need it. Its an amazing call to arms that I have received, but like I said before, a little appreciation goes along way!

A Fine Bunch Of Super Heroes Indeed! (Good Dog!)


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