How the Polish Mindset of “Cwaniak” Can Help You Bounce Back

Wisdom from the Warsaw hustler on how to live your best life.

Man in suit in front of Polish flag for How the Rebellious Polish Mindset of Cwaniak Can Help You Succeed
Image by Author via Canva

As someone with Polish ancestry, I grew up hearing all of the popular Polish jokes about mindlessness and stupidity — how do you keep a Polish person busy for hours? Put them in a circular room and tell them to go stand in the corner.




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Image of a brilliant blue sky, over a desert sand dune; looking up the sandy dune with green tufts of wild brush to either side and in a couple places at the top. With a clear wide natural path of sand to the top. And a rusted red metal tower of some kind (hurricane watch or other) sticking up into the air at an angle from just over the other side of the dune. The caption reads: “Another hill to climb | from an early walk.” Author’s photo.

I started to write here as a method of journaling since the paper option is rarely applied for some…

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