Admirable Laura

A non-orthodox way of measuring what you have contributed to the world and mankind (if you are a “celebrity”, that is) is to check out what people write about you in commentaries on the Net, not least videos about (or by) you on YouTube.

We know what kind of, excuse my English, cesspool commentaries on YT can be. There’s always somebody who has something bad to dig up. “Commentary” not seldom means “crapmentary”, a chance to bring out the commentator’s worst, cheapest and most fault-finding sides.

When I listen to videos with Laura Nyro on YouTube I am struck by something beautiful and remarkable. People agree, there’s only love, praise and sympathy. Not one bad or mean word about Laura.

Imagine leading such a life that people, when they think of you, move into this generous sphere. By your mere memory you bring out the best and warmest in them.

That’s Venusian peace! That makes you a light bearer / spreader. Deep respect!