From sniffing to owning

A scale:

  • You pick up a piece of chocolate and sniff it. You feel the smell.

*You pick up a piece of chocolate and lick it. You feel some of the taste.

*You pick up a piece of chocolate, take a bite of it and spit it out.

*You pick up a piece of chocolate and eat it. Whereupon you digest it. (After which the chocolate becomes a part of you. In a way you “own” it.)

This can of course be chocolate or wine, or cheese or a hamburger.

Or, more importantly, a thought, and idea, a book or a piece of music. Or a meeting with a person, an experience (beautiful, bland or shocking).

In short: You can sniff things and you can own things.

All this leads to questions which can be asked in most situations in life: Did I just sniff it, lick, bite or eat and digest it?

Read, browse, skim or really understand? Own it or just borrow it?