Never Too Late

- Santosh Natarajan | MBA Aspirant | Chennai

“I have heard a line about Civils, which says, “You either become an over-night hero or an outstanding zero”. When you prepare hard for three years, nobody knows you, nobody understands what you are doing. You are just studying on your own… If you crack the exam, then everybody knows you, but if you do not clear and you try to get back to life when you eventually figure that this is not what you are going to get into, and then it becomes difficult… My family doesn’t complain, but I have friends who keep telling I wasted my time. 
Sometimes, it is important to realise that it is okay to move on and a lot of people miss that. They just keep giving and giving and giving the exam and they waste the best years of their life. This is the backlash that happens during the preparation. I am happy I have realised it sooner. I look forward to bell the CAT, now… It is never too late.”

- Santosh Natarajan | MBA Aspirant | Chennai

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