When Dreams Come True

Petal Gahlot | Indian Foreign Services | Batch 2015

“I had a brand new strategy for my second attempt of UPSC and cleared it with an All India Rank of 96. I am now in the Foreign Services.

Everyone faces struggles during the preparation. You are sitting at home and studying when you know that your friends and colleagues are either moving up the ladder in their careers or getting married; they are making some important life decisions and moving a step ahead; while you are still there. It does get difficult. I tried to come out of it by getting out of social media. I stayed in touch with very few people, people I was sure were my well wishers, that sort of helped me relax when I was stressed with studying.

I am looking forward to moving to France; the day after. It is a childhood dream. I have been studying French since I was 13 and have been studying about France and Paris for a very long time. While I have been there before as a tourist, now I am going to live there, so it is much more exciting. But having said that, it is also mentally taxing, you know, you are uprooting from here, you are moving away from family and friends and the people that you love. It is a little unnerving but yes, it is a choice I made. I didn’t land up with this. I chose the Foreign Service. I shouldn’t really complain. But I guess its the first time so it is a little difficult to get used to it. It is going to be fine, I think.”

- Petal Gahlot | Indian Foreign Services | Batch 2015

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