A consulting and startup acceleration initiative by the guys from the Preseed community

Over the years from my first solo founded $100,000 backed startup failure in 2010 to starting Preseed as a community in 2012, upto now, Jan 2014, I often find myself and my team — advising a lot of business owners and friends, who have come to us seeking our advise on ways to do business in the new age of free information and free tools.

However, we have been so caught up until now in building from ground up, upon our own ideas listed at Preseed Web Lab and Preseed Entrepreneur Lab that we never formally got the time to start our consulting for such businesses and startup friends out there, even though in my personal capacity, in the past, I have advised and executed for companies like —

  1. Libra Mattresses (among the top 10 mattress manufacturers in India)- In 2009-10 in improving their brand and design.
  2. Jeet India Limited (a SME in food and beverage) — In 2009-10 I with my team (that now is placed in organisations like google and o&m) worked on their brand, their packaging, their ERP, their IT infrastructure etc.
  3. Invest Care — In early 2011 we worked with them through my other co-founded startup called BizOnTech. (Note-: I dropped out of BizOnTech soon after to split from that team, to focus on something more inspiring, that now is called Preseed)
  4. Om Sai Global — In the mean while to make ends meet I started advising Om Sai Global on harnessing the internet better and graduated to training their teams. Soon after I bacame the CEO there for a brief period of 3 months as that allowed me more authority to attempt some overhauling.
  5. And many more such business consulting stints happened till 2011 December, when I finally decided to not work as a consultant anymore, to focus back on what mattered to me the most. What matter to me the most was building Preseed, which ofcourse in those days around the mid of 2011 was just a thought in my mind without a form.

My main interest of work lied in building startups from bottom up for that leaves more room for some soulful innovation. I like to innovate on even the way businesses are managed, let alone the product the business is building. My apetite for technology and good design trancends the appetite for technology and good designs in most businesses in India. Moreover, the biggest challenge in consulting SMEs was that they often lacked the creative work force needed to execute what my advise may have contained for them. Hence, it was a fair decision by all regard to stop advising others to focus back on starting up a business that fulfilled my desire to build cool things that mattered.

As the community at Preseed started to mature, I started to turn down more opportunities to consult SMEs, not because of the decision I had taken against spending time in consulting traditionally operated businesses due to the reasons mentioned above, but also because we ourselves lacked the human resources that could replace me to look after my consulting clients, with the same zeal and know how as I would have done. However, now after one year of starting Preseed, I have been able to compile an extra ordinary team that may do justice to my future clients with or without me, in all spectrum of their business. So, now seems like the perfect time to start 4Consult.

Albert Einstein famously said, “Information is not knowledge.”

The practical application of information from real human experiences is knowledge. E.g when we tell you to use a particular tool on the web to solve a particular problem of yours, we tell you that out of our massive on going research of the internet. Although that for you may just be a piece of information, but for us, we don’t only know about that information (the latest business facilitating tools of the internet from hiring, marketing, collaborating to designing), we also apply them in the business of Preseed. That my dear readers, will transform the way you work.

Needless to say that we have identified some of the best freelancers, A grade startup vendors and design studios to work with over all kinds of projects at 4consult.

However, this vertical of 4consult into executing business solutions for startups will be fully activated in 2017.

Expect 4c to be the best turn key mobile software design, development and marketing vendor in India in 5 years). This vertical’s prime motive will be to service/strengthen 4c’s own portfolio companies when those companies become sizeable.

We are looking at building 4Consult primarily into a tech and design execution support company for SK portfolio startups to handle manage and grow/bake it well. If you go through the website and dig into 4Consult, you will understand the vision of what we have moving forward for SK startups.

In addition to the above, we have recently launched Special Projects. Because our team is made up of people generally passionate about value and wealth creation, we often come across brilliant opportunities in mere conversations at first, and then it takes further shape, because mindfully connect the dots to create progressive new age businesses which may or may not necessarily be tech at core.

Our first project under special project we are optimising land for our clients, who collectively own a land bank of over 500 Bighas in and around Uttarakhand, and has appointed us to facilitate the best use of his resources in terms of unique conceptualising and solid economic returns.


To channel their resources better.

SMEs that are interested in our help to create something new from within their given set of resources may write to us at — 

3 things we would like the SMEs to know -
1. We have noticed that we could lay a foundation for an idea and scale it up with far lower costs than you may imagine.
2. Along with that almost invariably whatever we attempt from within your resources will be something unique in its offering.
3. Our strategies will also completely harness the potential of the internet for the given idea.

Please go back to the website of 4consult if you wish to write to us.