To Startup Kitchen Applicants,

If you don’t have a slide deck, make one. We won’t be able to serve you without one. We have written a lot about what a slide deck should be about here.

Dig us well if you have a consumer web product that is just ready to have its first set of users, regardless of how ugly it looks.

Ugly MVP

Minimum Viable Products should remain ill designed till not customer validated, but not after.

We help such MVPs be used by more customers by improving their current UI by a moon shot — 
Maybe you have an app that is ugly because it is way too young or it has grown tired and people have stopped using it for it is too ugly. The only thing we do is UI/UX. So you can trust that we would do a mighty good job at that for you. Now you will be ugly no more.
Thereafter, go create demand for your , you will be amazed at your customer conversions. We believe that you must create demand by being useable and useful to users, not by annoying them with pushing banner adsa about your product.

If you’d like us to partner you in giving you the design direction that works, let us know. We take additional 2% ownership in your startup to doing so.

Attributes we are looking for in your MVP -:

  1. A design that works.
  2. A product if executed well can be used by 1000s to millions of users someday.
  3. A product fairly differentiated with a similar product out there on the web anywhere in the world.

Startup Kitchen Advisory Services Scope

To do the following with those startups via our advisory over the following matters:

  1. Correct the flaws -:
    a) Product vision — For sometimes there is a beautiful MVP, a solid team, but the product vision is still cluttered with noise, in our perspective, as we dettest the unnecessary, it may perhaps call for a product vision pivot. Or striping down an existing iteration, or loading it up instead.
    b) Slide Deck — Being able to put that one line on the very first slide for the investor has got more than just that one line to do. It forces you to be able to speak to us in that one line in a manner that convinces us; and the drive to achieve that helps you simplify your ideas, the first post funding market iteration exact direction, clearer product market fit, the new found simpler product vision. (Once the MVP has some real customer metrics and now is ready for scaling up the act. ‘Preseed Projects’ helps prepare the slide deck for each of it’s products which are now a little more than just MVPs. It is this slide deck you and us pitch to most suitable incubators).
    c) Advise over any thing critical to the business through out the life of the business or till we hold some ownership into this business, whichever expires first.
  2. Investment/Incubation -:
    a) We check if you are optimally bootstrapped currently and also as per the post investment plan. (You see, sometimes you just think you need a lot of money but when we step in, we help you bootstrap better).
    b) The slide we will make together will help you raise some of the amount of investment being seeked.
    Note-: We will help in raising investments from Rs. 5Lakhs to Rs. 1 Crore.
  3. Visual Communication and Marketing — We also work closely with your team in laying the marketing strategy with crystal clarity, as well as the design and content for the identity website.
  4. We mentor all founders in life skills, spirituality, business building, simplicity, faith, company culture, technology, leadership, growthetc.
  5. Above all, we at Preseed surround ourselves with absolutely contemporary information and knowledge, which we keep sharing with you too via Preseed Media Network. We also sometimes lay out a mural of sorts for our findings, which includes other products similar to yours, your product’s UI inspirations, other building blocks like frameworks, hacks etc. Here you get a good glimse over our views on whats and hows for your product.
  6. If you have felt us deeply, you may have felt the intelligence and creativity we live. That itself will be the solution to many of your problems in the long run. That is enough said.
  7. Our hospitality via Pepperstart and Cafe Geeks and Freaks.

Note-: Your journey with us has to be a long term one, only then can you fully bear the fruits of what we posses.

Disclaimer — The following will be true his will be true when 4C is live and self sustained.

We also understand that the lack of human resource is the greatest problem for startups ready to scale beyond the MVP. In such cases, if available, whatever human resources 4Consult has, would be deployed temporarily to assist the startup of SK in absolute need. Startups of SK will be serviced for absolutely no costs, till they become fund backed. 4Consult services fund backed SK portfolio for discounted service fee and also offers free meeting spaces to SK in its own office space or associated spaces in Delhi.

We mostly work with 1 early stage startup, at a time, for 3 months; and keeps 3%-50% ownership in that startup (without investing any money in it).

SK admits such startups when they are a mere prototype and just 2 people strong. Over the last 1 year we have added 4 great startups to our portfolio.

SK also has a startup coworking space in New Delhi exclusively for its portfolio companies and entrepreneur food&drinks cafe in Delhi.

Disclaimer: SK expects to make money monthly rental, food&beverage sales, merchandise sales, events ticketing income, and above all, exit from our co owned startups. However, the main reason for SK is to have a space with inspiring and progressive culture under one common roof while creating cash flows through it. This culture will in turn further benefit our startups. Above all, this is the space I and my startups will call their office. This is where I want to work from every day.

As a by-product of being this kind of an early stage statup incubator/accelerator, the other 2 things can happen:

  1. A great consulting company for potentially great startups. That is why we are initiating our consulting arm
  2. A food and beverage sales initiative like Pepperstar.

3. Free Coworking spaces( In Delhi already, and soon in Silicon Valley San Fransisco and a property in Dehradun, which we have already identified, purely out of relationships with our clients and customers).