Inspiring note about Todoed right in the middle of our work chat!

A remote team of 10 people uses on average 10 apps daily for research, communication and task management.e.g. Slack, Trello, Excel, Salesforce, Chrome, Producteev, Evernote, Googel docs, google caledar, emails etc. According to our observation, each person of that team loses 30 minutes a day switching from one app to another which represents 5 hours per team per day. That is why we are building Todoed.

Todoed is a productivity chrome extension that allows the user to clip and delegate any text from anywhere on the web. It is simple yet powerful. The following image is about a small moment right during our work chat on Slack as todos were being discussed, one of our team members burst out and shared some love. Life is about such small moments, isn't it? ☺

Sharing some love right in the middle of our work chat!

As we are chatting upon the work, all that needs to be done is clip the actionable text straight from within Slack’s web app and move on with actually acting upon it. If I expected my team to use trello or asana at this moment — they would have to pause work and open up their tool to copy > paste and submit text to save it. Below I will share an example of how clipping actually works. Follow along

An example of me delegating some work to my colleague in Taipei!

Todo’s are saved and are able to be viewed on the users chrome extension plugin and dashboard views. To know how we have intuitively separated the view of todos further read this post on our blog.

I am sure after reading this you get a glimpse of how Todoed fits into the life of our tribe. I would love to know more about how Todoed fits into yours too, go ahead try it!
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Keep being productive!

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