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Design is more important than engineering in the consumer web space. One of the problems we see in this space in India is not of that of engineering. In fact India produces strong engineers. It’s a problem of design, for India seriously lacks consumer web ‘design’ sensibilities. The reason stands — lack of geeks here marrying some seriously cool people. We hope that someday we are able to teach that to India through our products.

For now we are looking for just 3 user interaction designers who are willing to commit themselves to Preseed and its products/startups/clients. We won’t pay these designers any salary or immediate compensation. We will instead offer the designers upto 3% ownership in Preseed soon enough perhaps immediately after 3 months of our active working relationship.

If you are willing, read this note.

Note -: Preseed is going to command substantial ownerships in a lot of future startups. Even 1% ownership at Preseed may be of a huge monetary value someday.

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