Project: ManageHR

The way the team is represented by/in a company should get democratized now.

While building Preseed I encountered a problem of listing in and listing out of my team members on this webpage More so, as we are an organisation that runs a very different culture of hiring and firing. Here people come at will and leave at will and we don’t batt an eyelid. We sort of really enjoy going with the flow of the energies that surround us and energies that leave us.

To make this transition of an employee entry into my company and exit from my company smooth and botheration free for my web master, I want to give the control of all this to the employee himself.

In essence what I am saying is that the team member add him into the team page, writes his own description, adds his own social icons, gets access to all related HR documents, understand his roles, performance indicators, compensations, rewards, get connected to the team and start getting introduced to whoever he needs to work with within the team. This will be a place for all employee matters of a company.

So this will in future be a dashboard for the HR department(which with the help of this tool will only become thinner) and the employees of a company.

But for now, we will just do it’s MVP and look to build some traction for it, as indicated on it’s current web page.

As this product moves further, we will grow it more towards the insides of the company for the better management of its Human resource.

Current Status as on 09/05/2014 -:

Still looking for people to come and help us build upon this idea. If you are interested please email me at