Project: Todo list

I needed this task listing solution. Here is its story so far.

Making chats productive by turning any text into a task with just one right click.

I work at Preseed, an organisation set up in a very liberal, remote work culture environment of people who discuss business on Facebook chats.

This model of communication (on Facebook chats) doesn’t seem to have a serious nature, but it seems to work, rather, it is the most natural way of discussions in a casual setting of work between two individuals who are friends on Facebook and also happen to work together. Although sometimes the chats get lengthy and the taskable action part of the chat fades away in those chats. That is the time when it gets inefficient. It was in one such moment I wished there was a tool with which I could highlight the text that was intended to be a task for the person I was chatting with. In certain cases I could be chatting with say, Raj, and we just mention a task that needs to be assigned to Akshay-: Right at that moment, I wished I could assign that task to Akshay right from the chat window itself or maybe assign to myself, right from there.
This is the exact problem that I wished to solve with Todoed. So I did.


Step 1 — I did not ignore the problem or the wish. I don’t normally ignore my itches.

Step 2 — Thought of the solution/idea and the user experience enough to be able to communicate about it with those who were going to help me build this tool, at least for my own need first.

Step 3 — Started finding the developer who was willing to work on this product without any immediate salary or a fee compensation.

Step 4 — Soon found Saikiran Daripelli. Who wrote this in the Preseed Web Lab Application form-:

“I am searching for great ideas to work on, develop and help it become useful to people.
I see that you have very good product ideas and I have ability to develop them faster, better and cleaner than you expect from a developer.
So I think I fit the requirement well”.

He built the prototype soon after. He is blazing fast indeed! Thank you Saikiran. You are awesome.

Step 5 — Tested the prototype and continued the iterations (Measured) and (Learnt)… Done! We figured now it needed something in looks (Even though we knew we didn’t want to be anal about an extremely good looking app before launching it in the marketplace).

Step 6 — Found the design guy for it, Florain Menevis. He did an extremely good job. However, we decided to use the basic design sensibilities (UI) set by Florian including the logo and leave the details for later. (So that we could quickly launch without perfecting it prior).

Step 7 — MVP Ready.

Step 8 — About to be Launched and for that we are using the Preseed team to hustle their way to get some early adopter for Todoed.

Step 9 (As on December 2014) — Todoed alpha is considered launched.

Note-: Only time and energy was spent in making and taking this product so far, not money.

Remember — The clear strength of this product is it’s simplicity and novelty, hard to find now a days, in productivity tools. Most of them are rip offs of each other just designed differently. Todoed is fundamentally different and that makes it very worthy of attention from extra ordinary companies and people alike. I see a big opportunity in this app for all of us.

Above all, since this is the first MVP of Preseed Web Lab, its success will have a huge effect on empowering Preseed further on its mission to build great things with great people. So for Preseed, Todoed meant —a finding of its ultimate Product mission.

So much that I pivoted Preseed to become a support organisation for Todoed. Read PWL1 to know more.

I wrote another article about Todoed beyond now. It will show the ability Todoed has when imagined in a bigger avatar.

A lot of research and education work will be done on Laptop browser. So I picked google chrome as the web browser of choice for the men and women of ideas, and made an extension for that browser at PWL1, which could open into web to show in detail on a large screen, communicated tasks and studying material collected from the web. And named it Todoed.

Preseed Web Lab

Here perspective on our ideas and a lot of else baking at…

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