PE Chapter 7 — Intro to Preseed — Chattodo’s feature MyIdealist mentioned as the step 3 on corresponds to this essay.

Our website’s cover page says, “Among entrepreneurs, towards”. We intend to run Preseed as a digital community for hustlers who have an idea they want to dedicate their lives to it If you see some product that creates the largest number of drop outs in the world, expect me leading it. Read the description of the three images below to understand these words.

Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani
Preseed Web Lab


That digital community is called and its culture is:

We will not shy away from anyone who comes to us with a ‘poor’ idea, ‘poor’ plan, ‘poor’ IQ or ‘poor’ anything else. Just the fact he came to us, counts for something.

We promise we will not give up before you give up.

We promise you we won’t let you give up till you give it all that it takes.

We will not shy away from trusting, our fellow dot-makers, with our time.

We promise we’ll do, to the best of our abilities, whatever is to be done for this world to have more altruistic entrepreneurs.

We will help give you a a novel and mass meaningful idea to start on.

We will answer every single question you ask.

We will find the answer to everything we need to know.

We will stand by you through your thick and thin.

We will be your devil’s advocate.

We will help you bootstrap.

We will mentor you through a network of mentors which otherwise you can’t find for ideas that are nothing more than just a thought. One of the advantages of this is :

In short — We will help you startup something meaningful!!

No slick presentation or an extensive business plan; all you need to do is answer the following questions on MyIdealist feature of Chattodo.

  1. What do you want to ‘make’? (This can be a product or service.)
  2. How will you sell it?
  3. What is the benefit that it will offer the person who uses it?
  4. What makes you think you can pull this off?

How will we do the above mentioned?

By ensuring that has loaded with the values mentioned above through its feature MyIdealist. We have expressed in great detail in Step 3 on

“This is the exact platform I want to build to ensure that even my other ideas go beyond just me. If it takes the structure I want it to take, most of my thought-provoking and novel ramblings would manifest into startups”.

“Among entrepreneurs,” :

If you are interested in working with us, the description of this image is of importance.
If you know Angellist, you may say — but Angellist is helping at building startups forward. If startups have the merit of good they will succeed by virtue of market forces. I would say — Angellist is designed to help startups, not an individual who is lost in some real problem and doesn’t know the solution to that problem yet, all he has is a desire to head for that problem’s solution, but he hasn’t even started yet. So, Myidealist feature of Chattodo will help this individual to lay his first few steps towards this journey, to be further followed on Angelist if Angellist or LinkedIn become relevant.

Q) Is this feature going to help us write business plans and bringing us an investor that can fund us?

Answer) In the world we want to build, people and their ideas, get angel-funded, business plans are secondary. Business plans just reinforce that decision of funding in the first place. Yes, this feature will help you write your business plan as a slide deck, but there is more to a business than a business plan. There is a ‘you’ and there is a ‘prototype’. Our main focus is going to be the ‘you’ and then the ‘prototype’. If the prototype could be achieved without having to write a complete business plan, then why not? A lot of times when you know the idea is that ‘which is needed or something that is useful’ you don’t need to write a business plan straight up, you need to create a prototype to start with; and the business plan may follow with time. We will help you create that prototype. It will help you raise funds at the exact stage you need funds from an angel investor, certainly not before. However, it will help you build your team regardless of how much money is in your bank account to pay salaries.


This blog post will serve as the philosophical landscape I am to approach too, but differently, through my products.

In spite of no salary to them, until the product becomes meaningful for Naval Ravikant. Here is a small glimpse into why Naval Ravikant. Also here and here. (Yes yes, I know, it has to become meaningful to its community and not Naval first, but Naval has the eye for future meaning, if it becomes meaningful to him today, merely out of a vision, let alone a prototype, there is a possibility, I would find my first human mentor/investor for this product already)

Now, lets come back to me here, about Naval, you can read at too many places, and more and more places into the future. He is building that future.

The time for this will arise when, among, other indicators, one indicator will be when Angellist will become main stream. That day atleast 10x more entrepreneurs and investors of the world will be connected across boundaries, castes, history and geography. The investments will then happen without unnecessary geographical friction. That in turn will induce more to start. That is when the need for a platform for potential entrepreneurs will arise. And, Angellist is not a platform for potential entrepreneurs. What we are building, one brick at a time, is. You can read about that web platform we are building here. You must infact read it there. And then from there, you must head to try the MVP for such a platform

Today there may be an unnoticed need for such a web product in my perspective. But that day when Angellist becomes main stream, the product we are making will be a way of life for the ‘potential entrepreneurs’ of the world. We may be 5 years away from such a global time.

That part will be served through MyIdealsit. No more, no less. Let’s understand, appreciate and learn from Angellist product vision a little bit. They could have been a communication platform too. A social network of entrepreneurs with a feed system like Facebook etc. But they were focused on the part that was about Profiling of the entrepreneur, profiling of the startups, so that these fellow humans can be connected. That is what we have to do. The difference between MyIdealist and Angelist has to be just — the difference between entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

Read the description of the three images above.

To the hand full of my very carefully selected hackers, hustlers and designers, working together in stealth mode; I commit to each one of you, that I will put my entire life left to building Preseed.

The article on the web that echoes the problem for which I had started the words starting from 10 years ago -

The difference between this article and my words is that, I am aiming to craft a solution, both in words and software code and while tackling that, I want to express to you the god that all religions talk about, but I want to express it without religion.

If you are interested in joining our team, please write to me on or on my twitter — @nishchal. This is our chance to improve the world like never before. Personally, this is your chance to be a part of a product that can put even your own product whims into action.



Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani
Preseed Web Lab

Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. Let us start flaws with misspelling ‘Chief’, in my designation.