The Driver — Our Vision For Homemakers.

As human beings, the only thing that truly adds meaning to the everyday mundane life, is to be engaged. To do things. Unless of course, if you’re a yogi or a sadhu whose happy sitting in possible nothingness.

In India and around the globe, there are so many talented and gifted people, especially the women from our mothers’ generations , the ones who’ve never had the privilege to be exposed or had the liberty to explore their own gold. Of them, some are born with miraculous flavours on their finger tips. The kinds who are effortless chefs, without any need for training.

Some of us have been blessed to be born to mothers who are angelic cooks. I know we can all often believe our mothers' cook the best food, and why shouldn’t we, after all, it’s only purely cooked with love.

So here’s the idea, that we’ve been baking at Preseed Web Lab envisioned by our founder, Nishchal Kesarwani.

We want to empower these fantastic home makers, who are absolutely remarkable chefs, to start their own business from the comfort of their own home kitchens. Well, anyone who wants to do that. Though the criteria is only one- brilliant soulful food, cooked purely for the love of cooking and feeding. One can clearly identify food with such vibes, and a cook with the same, from seas of cooks and restaurants.

We call this project ‘SFI’ or ‘Soul Food Inc.’. In time we have realised and encountered some gifted cooks, who are better than most professional chefs we know, but merely because they don’t know the way forward, to turn this wholesome hobby into a soulful business, or don’t have the vision to do it themselves, are stuck in the same space, with almost very little or no growth. We want to change that through this tool that is SFI . We are willing to walk the first steps for all those who we see this scrumptious spark in, and we will help nurture and grow that with them, in whatever capacity they please.

Wether it is only about creating new liberated entrepreneur chefs who already have the skill set, but need a platform, or have an already existing small catering business that work from home, who want to grow further and move to a larger space, or even start operating their own cafe or ecommercify their business, we are there to assist each of these individuals and blow wind beneath their wings, to help them take off.

We also have a trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu(Paris) in our team, who is looking forward to working with these excellent inhibited chefs, to train them further with their skills and menus, or whatever other help is needed with their business, atleast the culinary side of things. Along side, most importantly, we have a profound visionary and marketeer, whose ideas and actions will grow these small business in leaps and bounds. In ways both conventional and completely out of the box. Since SFI is an online food platform, and our chef entrepreneurs from around, will have their upto date menus online, with every other info, and online bookings, we also have excellent tech strength in our team, who will handle all our backend tech operations which will be the key to scaling this business. And slowly riding in this web technology and vision, we hope to empower wo(men) in India and around the world for smooth operations!

Everyone who loves to cook and feed the world, deserves to earn their own food by having a chance for setting up their own business in the same, however big or small.

Some additional thoughts:

1. Mom’s can put anything on their menu (of their choice)

2.They can choose to accept or reject the order

3. There will 2 modes of payment i) cash on collection ii) online payment (that’ll go through us)

4. Moms can choose to invite the customer to have food with their families( something on the lines of Airbnb)

5. The SFI app will be free for first 3 months.

6. After that they will need to pay Rs.10,000 per qtr. If they don’t wish to continue after 3 months, they can choose to dropout


The purpose of this document is to keep in mind the long term plan to exit the investment made in SFI. There are two most commonly used means of exiting an investment made in the past; IPO or acquisition by a larger player.

Exit strategy is way by which a venture capitalist or business owner intends to get out of an investment that he or she has made in the past. In other words, the exit strategy is a way of “cashing out” an investment.

Suggestive exist strategy for SFI as follows:

  • Initial Public Offering : It is the priority exit for SFI and all its investors. We want to build SFI as an independent long term company. We believes SFI’s fate is going to be greater than Zomato’s fate.
  • Acquisition by a larger player : If SFI does not scale up the way we want and the way we have envisioned, it can be bought over by a bigger tech player like an Amazon, who in time would want to further diversify into a food marketplace. We would in time be of great value for packaged food export companies as well as any well established online food ordering company. (Tested & curated database of a network extraordinary homechefs spread across a variety of demographics.)

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(For yourself and/or anyone you know who cooks extraordinarlily well.)