To Preseed Web Lab manager

Manage the most extraordinary Indian web/mobile startup development company in the making called Preseed Web Lab

Extraordinary not only because the ideas are good.
Extraordinary also because of the way those ideas are built as independent startups each.

Preseed Web Lab has extraordinary ideas, and it constantly requires inspired hackers, hustlers and designers to build these ideas with, by offering them equity ownership into the product they build with us. Well that is just the begining. While the MVP of the product is getting readied, we take full responsibility to market it prior to even the first lines of code are written. As the MVP gets readied and customer validated under your supervision, we proceed to build the other non product elements of that idea. In short that is how we are looking to build each of our product. So that each product is driven forward as if, to be a startup, in itself, by a team independent of you and I, eventually. Our job together is to help lay the foundation of this team that will drive the idea towards making it a product, defining the purpose of the idea and indicating the MVP version vision.

Your job is essentially going to be about finding the inspired hacker, hustler and then a designer for each idea, managing them to deliver the MVP they are inspired to create already and ensureing that the prelaunch marketing is being done well. Your job is also to manage the products already in the making.

If you can do this job well by the end of 2016. I will give you x% of Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd within 1 year of our working relationship. Let that x be a function of where your contribution stands at the end of the 1 year relationship.

We need you to be placed with us in Lucknow. Working from under the same roof as us.

To sum up -:
1. You need to build a team of inspired hacker, designer and hustler per idea so that they can be incubated at a worthy startup incubator with their product.
2. You need to ensure that before the product’s single line is coded the product already has atleast 500 pre launch subscribers.
3. You need to ensure that the product’s MVP is working well for the early adopters.
4. You need to do all of this without burning a single penny because we believe web startups can be/should be MVPed at 0 monetary costs. (The cost of infrastructure will be however, born by Preseed).
5. Above all you need to be a god of codes and cloud infrastructure for web/mobile apps. Basically you need to know all that we are expecting to be know by the hackers at Preseed Web Lab. Only then will they have enough respect and admiration for you as their manager.
6. Notice -: Even though there will be multiple projects to be dabbled with at one time. But your focus will be what we call ‘Ideas already in Production’. The rest of the ideas you may ignore till they get into production, to prioritise.

BTW, you are welcome if you are a student with an obsession of the world of consumer mobile apps, and have the love for technology enough to learn how to code, design and market it, all nearly equally then this may be the best training ground for you. In short if we could define you as -: ‘a new age web hustler’ willing to ‘drop out’ of his college to help build ‘Preseed Web Lab’ over and above anything else in his life if given the opportunity.

I assure you the result of knowledge you will garner here over a period of 1 year would empower you enough to build a technology startup of your own someday soon, with a very mature perspective.

If you are keen, fill up the form indicated for this profile on Preseed Web Lab.

Condition: This must be the only business you are working on.

Note -: You must read my message to everyone who intends to engage with us and it’s related links before you apply.