About Preseeded

To free the world through our social network of action — Chattodo.

Preseeded is not about a business pitch. It is a space for philosophical dabbling over the most pressing three problems of the world — Wrong kind of an education system, wrong kind of modern wellness diagnosis, no free food for those who are vibrating at higher frequency in the mind than the kind required to settle for jobs just for the goal of earning family, bread and butter — for when will these fellows have time for creativity and stillness of nothing through meditation and higher existential knowledge if they have to pull rikshaw for bread and butter. Don’t tell us to simplify this just at the beginning. I mean imagine if Socrates and Plato were asked to bring their words down from complex profound thoughts to start making sense to one and all.

I started Preseed to chase my many curiosities, the highest among them was about the state of absolute stillness. Why did I have to do anything if I was chasing absolute stillness, while the only way to it was continuing my sadhna/meditation? Because while I was chasing that stillness, I was imparting it at the same time, for the goal was to manifest a culture of such curiosities that lead to such stillness. The manifestation to which, be in shape and form as an AI and blockchain based app, and not just in talks among you and I.

It is in this journey I found an opportunity to tune in to the purpose of my business as harmony with universe’s dharma- expansion. Somewhere my desire to free people or inspire them to be free got married with the ultimate growth law of the universe itself — forever expansion and then stillness and then repeat of expansion, cyclically. It was then, that my existence was no more an effort. I in body and mind was just a manifestation of all that I was resonating with. It was the higher stream of knowledge I started to resonate with. It was more fundamental. It was the most fundamental. What I learnt was now the matter of orientation of my vessel Nishchal, more and more to that work which frees humanity. I found an easy harmony in that purpose. I am coming here from the standpoint of my first atom, my last divisible.

At Preseeded, Preseed incubates and invests in independent startups not only founded but also lead by Preseed’s founder Nishchal Kesarwani upon visions he saw in his deep states of meditation. Preseed through Preseeded hence, ensures that while the core product of Nishchal — Chattodo — with his team of Nirbhay and Kapil focused on status quo of the product as a productivity tool, Preseeded ensures we don’t lose track of what is to be achieved through Chattodo in the long run:

Why has Preseed created an independent incubator Preseeded for Nishchal’s lead Chattodo?

As a business it made sense to Preseed to build a fully dedicated, away from all else, kind of an incubator for Chattodo. Preseed thinks Chattodo will be a $100 billion plus world changing idea neck to neck with the greatest few ideas out there for enabling humanity fundamentally, ever. The idea which has Freedom at the core of its purpose, may as well infact be the greatest idea. Preseeded will ensure Chattodo never loses its sight on the big picture as it takes its first small very focused crisp steps as a mere productivity app simply explained to the public as a mere todo listing app first, and nothing else. Basically, what will meet the eye on Chattodo website, is all we will tell to our user, non of this, till we get there.

Nishchal’s ideas are disruptive and profound all the way to God’s own will. The god which is not. Not — which is in absolute freedom. He says that with a lot of conviction. Even the way he builds them has a lot of floatiness and long gestation periods required. Hence, they take time, will and mind of extraordinary depths, patience, resilience, that are at the core of the attributes of his mission at Preseed, of empowering those with a will to do something out of the ordinary, but through products first —

To save the world from too much talks, to then disrupt the education and hence, employment system through:

A. Chattodo —

  1. By saving the world from too much social social networks of talks. It is co building a social network of action? For, over 10 years of Facebook, Twitter and social web in general, have brought to us, a lot of talks. Great talks. These have been incredible social networks of talks. Now it’s time for action. Why I?

2. (At its core, Preseed with the help of Preseeded, is building a social network of action; upon ideas infact. How and why? Like I said, these have been incredible social network of talks. Now it’s time for action, not only action, but action upon ideas infact).

At this point we will disrupt the education system, by saving the world from too much social network of talks.

3. Then Nishchal will proceed to give the world the most productive mobile device, powered by his social network of action.

4. Due to the camaraderie between Nishchal, his yoga and business partner Rajeev ji, Chattodo will not only enable greater productivity but will make the mind become more efficient right through the lessons that Veda teach us. We are building wellness chatbots to take the concept of productivity on our productivity app beyond just todos. Our chatbots will look after the health of our users and guide you to routines designed for greater effectiveness of the mind through breathing techniques and ayurvedic concoction recommendations through a chatbot for psychological diagnosis of the 5 elements in your body, and then giving a solution made up of ayurveda and pranayams to all our users. We understand this is a bigger problem then just that, but by virtue of my lifestyle I have come to learn and create networks of people who could be used to infuse yog and veda in Chattodo, and that is why we will make this attempt. The solution to this problem may be unique to India as the yoga creator and preserver of the world. Followed by chatbot to deliver videos and content that educate about holistic wellness.

5. Another important feature of Chattodo — Productivity is not just about tools, it is also about habits originating from value system that originates from our ancestral lineage and vedic/ayurvedic know how. Our products will be designed such that, they induce such values in our users, to then make them efficient, intrinsically. So the feature we are creating as another chatbot is to, coordinate habits between habit buddies. With our yet another chatbot’s assistance the users will be able to group themselves in common habits and encourage each other by being in tune with progress of each other and such similar conversations among each other. E.g. Rajeev ji and Anuj are my habit buddies in Pranayam and we follow up with each other on this habit. Chatotodo is exactly the kind of vision. Chattodo vision is seamlessly oriented towards this environment of surrounding oneself with habit buddies over time. This about making habits that make our mind expansive. Without an expansive mind, achieving once highest potential of productivity may not ever occur.

6. Resource sharing— It is not just people who are to be made productive, but also their resources, even their printer. Enough said! This has a power to be an independent disruptive product itself, but it is a better fit within the realm of Chattodo.

7. Free food — Another major feature of Chattodo will enable it to make it possible for other citizens to offer free food to those children of ideas, whose idea such citizens of the world like. Atleast this way we can start by creating a possibility of not having to worry about bread and butter for those who have great ideas to pursue over long run.

8. Freedom coin — The will be a lot of block chain level authentication for the education degrees Chattodo AI will project. The crypto coin will run in our chattodo environment directly corresponding to freedom, just like a coffee coin corresponds to coffee transactions. We will speak and write more about it, before we put Blockchain on Chattodo. This will build a new kind of reputation system based on one’s freedom. We are still at a very abstract and nascent stage with this aspect of our block chain

9. VR — We have a vision of user authentication and work environment offered through Chattodo on VR. For inspiration, check out AltspaceVR

There is a lot more, although what I can say for now is that this is the product that will bring back the world together, not only collaboratively, but also spiritually. We will discuss this in greater detail soon.

All of this above is for those who want to stay tuned to the mobile phones all the time, yet be productive. However, there is a world of productivity that Nishchal personally believes doesn’t require a mobile phone. Infact, in that world too much internet is a bad thing.

B. Todoed — (Some day it will be bought by Chattodo itself)

9. So he will save the world from too much internet, through his chrome extension launched 3 years ago Todoed. (Www.todoed.co), a todo listing chrome extension with a video conferencing button, and a dedicated pager sized hardware device for just keeping a tab on your todos even without internet. Imagine Kindle for books, and then imagine a dedicated device for reading all you clip as todos through Todoed chrome extension. We will also sell a todo notepad bag in which one can keep their todo device and notepad to start using pen and paper again. That notepad can be synced to the todo extension and todo device too. The goal is to take people back to as much basic as possible, while extracting the advantages of the internet oriented world.

Disclaimer: 10% in all startups listed at Preseeded are owned by Preseed, and the rest independently by investors, the respective teams of those startups and Nishchal.

In short, Preseeded is what will aid Nishchal to revive his earlier failed attempt with $100k in investment with a 10 people team from IIT Delhi, at building a more conscious social network 10 years ago. Preseed is what will give Nishchal the ability to manifest the power to fight the strengths and capabilities of Facebook when it starts looking like a competitor. Every startup to be built at Preseeded is aimed at that eventual alignment with just one thing —our social network of action, Chattodo — as that higher conscious social network.

The network of advisors who have contributed in the past to my journey towards Chattodo on behalf of Preseed include Kartik Mandeville, Saikirand Daripelli, Florian Menevis, Parag Arora, Siddharth Khattri, Neha Kesarwani and Puja Awasthi. Their role is to keep the dialogue alive with me to keep teaching me and my team whatever we must know towards accomplishing this universe sized ambition of raising the intensity of the world.

If you want to join us to work on some of our other independent ideas (most of which will eventually be presented as a chatbots on our social network Chattodo) on this mission to free the world, write to nishchal@preseed.in with all your whys and whats. (And watch out for the — ‘work with us’ button on http://preseeded.preseed.in).