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Ganit Kaksh — A lab for Math Education in the schools of North East of India by Preseed Ed K12 Pvt. Ltd.

This draft is, towards a proposal to the GOI or its state subsidiaries. It is addressed to the relevant representatives of the government of India. For, we have an opportunity in that direction of India. Therefore, this essay aims to relate the study and creation of ours, that aim to build for the world, a new way of delivering Mathematics education in schools. But, for this essay, we will stick to focusing on the growth and innovation in Math education of North East of India through our solution called, Ganit Kaksha (for schools of India).

2 mins list from us to you for quick reading about our proposal below :

Maths can be considered as the foundation of all stream, it gives concentration, which helps in learning any subject. It gives logical potential which helps in learning Physics concept. The students with logic and good concentration can work in any filed as per his subject/stream/trade inclination.


Even before there was FLN ( Foundational Literacy and Numeracy) mission 2020, our team used to wonder about — how to enable children to perform basic Math calculations by the end of Class 3. We aim for increased ability to reason and to apply simple numerical concepts among students.

The FLN Mission has been launched by the Ministry of Education of the Government of India for proficiency in the education of children till grade 3

Every time we spot the importance of Numeracy mentioned in education policy, it makes our heart very happy. For, for the 21st century India, going forward, we are willing to bet that education of Math among children, so they could grow to tackle and create hard Artificial Intelligence algorithms, is the number 1 concern we have as grown up citizens of India. We know that software is eating the world, implying, software is what runs the world today. No great software can be made without Math. The right time to realise this for primary school children is, now.

Why is numeracy so important to Preseed Ed K12 Pvt. Ltd.?

Numeracy is important for individuals to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies in their everyday activities. We need numeracy to solve problems and make sense of numbers, time, patterns and shapes for activities like cooking, reading receipts, reading instructions and even playing sport.

This essay is continued from our earlier essay mentioned above.


India has a lot of children. It is among the most populated and youth full countries.

This essay looks at how Indian children are taught mathematics, what is expected of them as they advance through school grades and what is our solution to improve their math education.


Children are taught mathematics in a very linear way in classrooms made up of blackboards, teachers lecturing through their notes or coursebook, and children writing everything down as it is, in most cases, mindlessly — we won’t waste time in discussing this as we all have experienced this ourselves in schools.

Very important aspects of our solution for Indian children in the world of online education because we are mostly going non-digital and yet innovative:

Bad effects of digital devices on students learning/concentration, and project our proposal as best solution, because it doesn’t require any investment from Students/Parents/ Teachers/Community

Notifications/Sounds every time by digital devices decrease concentration.

Solution for the children of North East of India.

After co-developing Preseed Ed K12 Pvt. Ltd., it’s Math education products and their sales in top schools like DPS Vasant Kunj, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Blue Bells international in Delhi with the main men behind the Math education realm at Preseed, Shahzar and Naim, I have been blessed with the opportunity of suggesting to the states of North East —

What our creation Ganit Kaksha can do for our children of Northeast who I know of no more than what I know of students anywhere in the country and through what I stumbled upon in my research:

We have observed, that Math education is not visual enough anywhere in the world at large. And the visualization of its abstractness is key to helping make Math Education playful and interactive.

So, jumping straight to our solution generically with the above observation as assumption for this proposal will be the right progressive thing to do given the constraints of time the highly capable education representatives of the government may have. Also, for you know about the status quo of Math in your region already, I don’t find it relevant to make this essay academic research about the statistics from the realm of Math education in your region any more than dropping some links here and there, that you may have already found in conducting your education related duties yourself.

If you compare the visual world of online math education videos v/s what even that online world can’t offer — the ability of physical touch and visualization, by students in schools, learning Math without rote learning it, is missing.

Through our affordable Math labs, with teachers trained by us to operate that lab, we aim to deliver the experience of understanding Math, to our students from the states of the North East of India, directly through the state governments of this beautiful region of green nature, art, songs, much more & immense objective potential of its youth. Math education growth will lay that ground of objective thinking in the children of your region, dear sirs and ma’ams.

This growth as we see it is possible with only the kind of energy and will we have about making Math education accessible and fun, to every kind of mind in schools.

This can be done through our Ganit Kaksha, we wish to have to the opportunity to design, for the schools of North East of India.

This is the lab we have done for Delhi Public School (DPS) Vasant Kunj, in Delhi under the collective leadership of Syed and Naim.

Meetings of our two prime Math educators, game developers and 2 of the 3 co-founders, Syed and Naim, with your highest education authorities, will aide in crafting a scalable solution across 100s of schools in your region, inspired by our above-displayed lab. This is the exact honest aim of this essay.

Ganit Kaksh Setup

Ganit Kaksh is an experience that breathes in and vibes with Mathematics through the myriad of games, activities and most importantly, experiences that it offers. The idea of the Kaksh exhibits a holistic approach towards ‘Mathematisation’, rather than Mathematics. It is designed to make Mathematics more comfortable and accessible.

Ganit Kaksh is an exposition that fosters an interest in Mathematics, revisit concepts in an alternative fashion, eradicates the anxiety associated with the subject, and enriches the excited minds.

It assists teachers with assessing the formative nuances of the concepts. It caters to those who love Mathematics by further stimulating their admiration for the subject via games employing their mental Mathematics skills. And, it caters to those who are scared of Mathematics by means of games that employ Mathematics.

The solution is proposed keeping in mind the user i.e. teacher and student and not the games itself, as given below:



Each game is designed to develop interest and love for the theme of the game and to enhance the mathematical thinking of the student. the gameplay is designed such that the hunger to win or complete a game also pushes the student to do better at math and hone even typical concepts

Peer Learning

All the experiences of the games includes playing it with classmates/peers. This leads to exchange of moves in the game which eventually creates the space for dialogue between students and discusses intelligent and better moves of the game. Each move camouflages mathematical thinking, aptitude and use of a math concept.

Pedagogical shift

Comparing it with regular classroom teaching, this becomes a totally different exercise for the teacher. Every session is focused and based on the theme of the game and has a certain take away towards the end of the class. The entire support mechanism for the teacher is also designed keeping in mind the pedagogical shift and the focus on every concept and session with the students

Interest based learning

Developing love for the subject of mathematics is one of the barriers that a board game already surpasses. Students generate interest not only for the experience but also for the subject as they deal with the concepts everyday to play any game

Heterogeneous groups

Batching students in a certain way where the mastery level of students differs a lot allows the better students to hold the weaker ones to match their level to be able to play and compete with each other.

Training & Capacity Building of Teachers

The capacity-building of teachers is designed to create comprehensive teachers’ capacity. These are as follow:

- Basic know-how of Game Based pedagogy

- How to play the games

- Integration of Games in Regular Teaching

- Use the Support System

Training & Capacity Building of Teachers

The capacity-building of teachers is designed to create comprehensive teachers’ capacity. These are as follow:

- Basic know-how of Game Based pedagogy

- How to play the games

- Integration of Games in Regular Teaching

- Use the Support System

- Classroom Management Skills

Monitoring of program (Teachers & Students) Baseline and Endline

This program will give Elementary Teachers an Edge for Maths teaching, that how innovatively they can teach math’s with game based approach

These are the games, teacher need not to do any rot learning, they have to just do observation. In a period of 3 months teacher will just watch the instructor he will learn by observing the instructor his time of class room transaction will be utilized for his learning and he will be able to learn what game can address what learning outcome.

With the help of these games the Teacher can address the issues of different LO of a class’ Students. He can divide them in different groups with particular game, that will help him also in managing his time as well as the output of students. With these games he can create two zone in a class at the same time, and the students will be learning different LO.

Project Monitoring & Maintenance

The complete project maintenance and monitoring for one year wherein a dedicated team of project monitoring work continuously to ensure efficient, effective and adequate service delivery to each place.

Conclusion: What Cannot Be Done to Improve and Strengthen the Indian Educational System if you and us become partners in Math?

We are aiming to raise the Math scores of your region substantially at an affordable price point for each school. Please do visit our website and tell us what you think about our brief proposal.

I am Nishchal Kesarwani, the third co-founder of Preseed Ed K12 Pvt. Ltd. I await both your participation and criticisms.



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