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MEL CH 1— Presenting Preseed Ed K12's brand towards homeschooling, Math Ed Labs (MEL)

गणित के लिए किताब सब कुछ नहीं है। Why have we chosen to serve our country through Math? Because math is not an opinion like history or forever changing like geography, or evolving, like Science. Math is the truth, anywhere in the universe, it will remain the same.

The most beautiful thing that I saw when I was 21 was the fractal called Mandelbrot Set. Since then, the utility of Math was clear to me, for understanding life, objectively. I am not using the word, objective, lightly.

Here is the beginning of the demonstration of our work in Math:

These our boxes/games for Math that are in progress. To see our more challenging products already built, keep reading.

As soon as we got our first chance, we delivered:

These are our Math boxes that we intend to sell at Rs. 699 per box.
This is a Math Lab built by us in Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi and sold to them for Rs. 8 Lakhs.
This table will be shipped directly to homes with some modifications.
The above images are from the Math room we have built at Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj.
  • Mathematics is a part of children’s life experience which they talk about.
  • Students pose and solve meaningful problems.
  • Students use abstractions to perceive relationships and structure.
  • Students understand the basic structure of mathematics.
  • Teachers and parents engage every child.

The problem — Math phobia

The subject of Mathematics is conventionally believed to be considered a rote-learning exercise and memory-based science, and routinely taught with a calculative approach. In math, rote methods are often used, for example, to memorize formulas. Students of mathematics are often not able to visualize and conceptualize mathematical concepts, and therefore regularly fail to understand the real math. This mundane method of learning generally makes students scared of math and leads to only a handful of students go ahead with the subject. The fear with students of mathematics because of long problems and learning formulae. This fear basically arises because of the thought that mathematics is solving sums and proving theorems. The learners not being able to do the above mentioned develop the fear of the subject. Misconceptions develop in a learner because of being taught with a limited number of permutations of a concept. Mathematics misconceptions develop because of faulty thinking as there is single instruction to multiple students in a class, also because of skipping conceptualization and using shortcuts.


Study Table for your homes

Math Ed Labs proposes a learning culture that revolves around the student and keeping his flame and excitement to observe and perceive the world, alive. The math box empowers the student to generalize from particulars. It saves the time spent in cramming which can be utilized to reason about things learned.

Caters to those who are scared of Mathematics by means of games that employ Mathematics in disguise. Let’s meet and talk about this, because why not? Until then, learn more about it at

Study boxes for your homes

Parents at home, with our tools, will engage better with their children.
This is our 7th product for trigonometry. It’s still under development.

(B2b) Continued in chapter 8, for schools:



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