Would you like to reimagine with me a future that saves the children of ideas and action, from the archaic ways of education? Measure the skill acquired through work done which further can be translated to education degrees.

Nishchal Kesarwani
Apr 24, 2016 · 24 min read

Note -: Our users won’t know the below mentioned dream as you may know it. This is just for you. They will know the simple status quo as it comes. For now, they will acknowledge it as a simple productivity app. No less. Perhaps slightly more — they will know Chattodo as a communication app too. After 2 years they may see the first signs of how this is the start that will also disrupt the education system. Then education will be a part of lives forever, seamlessly.

Watch this if you don’t want to read below. However, reading below will give you more clarity over the disruption I want to cause in the education system.

With my team

Former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya, recently expressed to an audience at Stanford University his regret and guilt for having contributed to creating the social network, saying it was “ripping society apart”, and even recommending that people stop using it. Palihapitiya’s comments last month were made a day after Facebook’s founding president, Sean Parker, criticized the way that the company “exploit[s] a vulnerability in human psychology” by creating a “social-validation feedback loop” during an interview at an Axios event.

Every thing I am saying below I first practiced for closed to a decade through my first company in 2009 that failed, then my second company in 2014 as a mere community of seekers helping each other to chase whims at www.preseed.in until last year. It is thriving as a culture.

Now I am manifesting it all as a single simple product that packages my below mentioned will into a simple app’s function with my partners Nirbhay, Kapil, Akash, Florian and Parag.

Our mobile app will be extremely beneficial for the creation of traction between theoretical education and application of that theory, connecting the academia with the industry and ensuring that communication leads to action through our mobile app, Chattodo.

Freedom from social limitation like boundedness of education system: the whole orientation of the current education system is survival. To describe it further we are just creating cog to fit in the economic wheel. Every R&D is directed towards economics. The freedom of creative expression has got restricted.

The whole education system has become a puppet of economic and other policies of the various governments and education institutions. The measure of skill is equated with the degree one holds and the propaganda begins.

Capability and deliverability, not exams, should be measures of education gained and it is these that should translate into educational degrees. The fundamental reason we embarked on the journey to build Chattodo is to disrupt the education system for people of ideas whose learning must be measured by the accomplishment of ONE TASK DONE AT A TIME.

I am Nishchal Kesarwani. I am both victim and victor of a failed system of education. This identity has led me to the basic premise that I have worked on for the last 10 years- how to create better delivery of SUSTAINABLE education so that it is beneficial not only for students, but also for faculty, schools, universities, industries, our nation, and most importantly the whole world.

While on that journey, I will also save the world from too much social network of talks, to then disrupt not only the education but also the employment system by building this social network of action. For, over 10 years of Facebook, Twitter and social web in general, have brought to us, a lot of talks. Great talks. These have been incredible social networks of talks. Now it’s time for action.

Slide deck and story

The greatest stories ever told, spill outside the demands of a crisp, short slide deck. This, I am convinced, is one such story; and YOU, its rightful audience, clearly, for you were personally brought here.

When I failed with $100,000 in building a social network with a desire to beat Facebook in 2009, the next challenge I wanted to take up was to build a system that produces better leaders in the world. Why? I wanted to work on the greatest problem in the world – too many educated leaders, but too few courageous result oriented leaders.

I do not bring to YOU just a business pitch. I offer YOU a curiosity of great value, a prototype and a team worthy of YOU, your time and resources.

Imagine a system that transforms secondary education globally for all children of ideas and action in just 5 years. This is the coherent story of a disruptive vision which aims to do that.

Here I am dwelling in matters of our global competition.

In an unfortunately archaic world of education startups, I present a vision, which could be the best thing to happen to the world’s millions of people of ideas. And for Linkedin or Anglelist, our product will be a chance for increasing user engagement by 1000 times. Our product is what Google plus should have been. Our product is what, Whatsapp can be (but will not be for its on a different mission).

I bring to YOU our need for $200,000 to build a launch worthy productivity tool as a chat first application for android as our first step towards this vision. At modest estimates, I envision 1 million users in one year with just that much money.

We say: Whatsapp for business. Not Slack.
Evan Spiegel picked out ‘photos’ to create a chat app that leveraged the growing power of online pictorial interactions. He called it Snapchat. I am doing something similar. I have picked out ‘tasks’ to leverage the growing power of online collaborative interactions. I call it Chattodo-‘a social network of action’.
Out of the marriage of : Chatting tools like whatsapp, with productivity tools like Pocket, Any.do or the reminders, notes apps on IPhone or Google keep clubbed with our AI for education ( NLP based education metrics upon collaboration) in one single seamless app called Chattodo
  • A chat application on mobile that offers instantly collaborative, trackable action taken summaries for the things to do, generated across usual communication flows (e-mail, browsing, documents, chats etc.).
  • An app that recognises a productive person’s communication for what it really is- a collection of to-dos/bookmarks/delegation/informative feeds at every step.
  • An app that does not interrupt this communication flow for workflow.
  • An app that replaces the education system one task marked done at a time.
To know more about the entire team including the advisors, click on chattodo.teampage.io

If you are interested in joining our team write to me at nishchal@preseed.in

Read immediately below to know more about tasks, feeds, hiring and education.

Tasks — Chat apps are designed to talk. But for all productive people, talk includes tasks. The forced break of opening a separate to-do listing tool to capture and delegate these tasks means that many of these will remain buried in chats. For a world seemingly geared towards efficiency, this is wasteful. Criminally so.

Even integrations on Slack are not a good answer to this. Not all productive people are going to be on Slack. Slack is too open for additions and hence, too fat.

Feeds — Productive people don’t need to satisfy themselves with entertainment centric and often out of context feeds on Facebook or Twitter. We have a case for fitting feeds inside chat to needs/requirements when the users are collaborators following each other’s collections/topics.

Hiring — As collaboration improves; productivity and organisations grow, there is need for more hiring. While collaboration happens during chats, hiring doesn’t. Why not? Can hiring not be induced within the scope of chatting apps for productive people? Does it really require other products to handle hiring?

A single click on the chatting collaborator’s name must offer an insight into his profile via a better understanding of his consolidated online identities, his bookmarks/collections, interests, feeds etc.; current workplace, his team and its requirements. The former must open the opportunity of identifying the collaborator as the right match for one’s own team. The latter must lead to the possibility of identifying openings at the collaborator’s workplace for oneself. Thus, users must get discovered and hired within chat apps.

Chattodo reveals personality of the applicant much better than even LinkedIn.

Furthermore, users can set a radius to find collaborators within their physical reach if they will. We believe the early stage startup teams work best together when they are in each other’s neighbourhood. This feature makes it possible for users to find their collaborators, sit with them over coffee and discuss great ideas over beer, together.

Even integrations on Slack are not a good answer to the above 3 let alone the point being made immediately below here. Moreover, not all productive people are going to be on Slack. Slack is too open and hence too fat.

Communication becoming actionable – leads to a great productivity tool. Good for the world that our first step to that is to become the best productivity tool ever.

But not good enough for me.

In 5 years using this metric of communication becoming actionable, and being marked done, we will build an alternate system for,

Education — Add NLP to communication, train it for capturing lessons learnt, and watch the archaic education system crumble for humans of ideas. As we will build our AI to project user’s education degrees by virtue of their actual experience measured by their communication and tasks accomplished on Chattodo. Imagine it like a reputation system that will be governed by the AI my partner Nirbhay will code over the next 6 months. It will improve to become usable by you and your employers both over 2 years if you keep supporting our app with your real data. This reputation system will be represented as a score in the degree of this candidate, as colleges provide, atleast. There is more to it, such that, the way colleges provide this info to you…….However, in our system, the

With Chattodo, a remote team of 10 persons gains, on average, by avoiding 5 clicks across a minimum of 2 apps at least 20 min / person / day 3.3 hours / team / day. This is the least of its benefits

Do you see how this impacts in the most subtle but effective ways:


Slack has too many clicks. Slack is to productivity chatting, what MySpace was to social networking. Not the absolute solution. Clearly, I am suggesting we will be to productivity chatting, what Facebook is to social networking. Remember, the reason that killed all the competition for Mark Zuckerberg in social networking was Mark himself. Our app is built more like Whatsapp, than Slack. Basically, if Whatsapp wanted to have a revenue model as simple as $1 per friend/collaborator annually. This would be it. Here are the links to demo videos of how these communications translate into a todo in Whatsapp and Slack.
Phase 1 and Phase 2 are about the pyramid strategy of — build for leaders, the followers will follow.

Our vision is that discussing tasks by teams and keeping them organised as actionable in the form of todos, will be as easy as discussions on Whatsapp. Furthermore, through use of AI, this could disrupt the education system for men and women who want to collaborate to learn instead of merely sitting in classrooms poring over books and scribbling in notebooks to learn.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen more and more people discussing work on Whatsapp, and in fact the success of Slack further establishes the fact that people are really just building startups out of conversations on chat apps, and then further organising their todos elsewhere, rising out of those conversations, and marking those todos as done when done. Furthermore, the world of youth is really moving towards the excitement of building startups while in college. If AI continues to advance well to make NLP more relevant, then the education earned in these conversations on chat and tasks accomplished, can someday be captured and quantified as educational degrees earned over project collaborations. Without Whatsapp and Facebook messenger this would not be possible, because these are the two products which have enabled people to collaborate on chats in a widespread way. They created the culture of working on chats. Now more and more people are going to be touched by this effect of working on chats. These trends are set to accelerate now that the other 6 billion people will be touched. The more and more people start using Slack, the more and more will they start looking for better and lighter alternatives that serve them in what Slack is built to serve them at. Without the success of these products, there would be no possibility of our success.

Imagine if one could earn education degrees on the basis of accomplishment of tasks with just some young people collaborating over chats towards completing a project. We’ll actually be able to deliver this as soon as we build our chatbot to observe conversations around tasks discussed and marked as done. Our NLP will help us recognise knowledge that must have been earned in the act of collaborating for and accomplishing those tasks.

All of this happen while merely chatting with a coworker. The chat is the only input by our users. For making these chats actionable users have to just click on a proprietary button unique to our app. This is how we will take users from just chatting to recording their todos at ease and profiling their education earned when these todos are accomplished by them.

Once this is possible, our addressable market suddenly opens up from early stage startups that are chatting work on whatsapp, FB messenger and Slack, to every student of the world who wants to work while in schools and colleges. Eventually, we can eliminate the injustice of the status quo of the education methods deployed for those who want to collaborate early in their lives. For the current archaic method is the only way today masses can indicate their qualification. A vision that disrupts the education system in this way is worth fighting for.

This sums up the vision. Below it is mentioned in greater detail.


The text line with #betatest is a feed. When a user X opens the chat screen to chat with the user Y just above the text box is the feed of user Y and vice versa. Left swiping on the feed permits its greater exploration while clicking on it enables to see it in greater details. At the end of these feeds, is a button called ‘more’. This has additional information that AI picks from the web, on most common key words that users are talking about from all over the web, just in case they wanted to explore those topics more. E.g. if these two users are talking about customer metrics software, then they will be able to explore s software like intercom, google analytics, intercom, branch.io pushed automatically to them by our algo, which will improve over time.

Our social network of action – Chattodo.

What is a social network of action?

If Facebook and Twitter are social network of talks, then what do you think will be a social network of action.

I am making that social network of action, the back-end journey of which is made up of all I am showcasing below. (And this back end is not only about code).

It is a chat product designed for seamlessly making communication actionable, and actions, social.

What do I mean by action?

Action means todos. Everything that one has to do will be done, by one’s action, not by one’s talks.

Why is this time the right time for this idea?

Aren’t you getting bored of the social network of talks already.

This is the first and the second last time we are going to talk about the idea of a social network of action in a blog post. Till we build it into the hands of a million people.

How are we going to build the social network of action?

All in all, the goal is to make a product which could make communication more actionable right at the instance of communication. Then all that action will be clubbed with the action of research and findings of such collaborators when collaborating on Chattodo, leading to social feeds strictly around their work and collaborators’ productive choices.

The culture that these feeds will lead upto will be quite different from the culture of feeds that Facebook leads the world to.

I have been able to initiate the dev works for my social network of action as a chat app.

What is the advantage we are bringing to any one of these todo listing tools listed above, for them to collaborate with us?

Chattodo can be the most significant productivity tool ever made in terms of the number of users, just because the utility we provide is superior and novel yet within the most natural choice of interactions on the web- chats. For the first time it is becoming possible to imagine that a productivity tool, may stand a chance to be more relevant than Facebook, Gmail or Slack for those who want to be actionable. The market potential of our productivity first chat app is 1000 times more than any other productivity app.

Some more wireframes:

Notes screen — When I explain this to you, you will see how this is a better take on the user interface and hence the experience of note making, than any other note making tool.
Productivity Dashboard: Still a better dashboard than many todo listing only tools. Best part: Todos get curated seamlessly from conversations.
User Profile

Here is a video quickly skimming through the wireframe of Chattodo –

Phase 2 — Chattodo, the education disruptor.

How are we going to build the social network of action, all the way to disruption of education?

Phase 2 (One year from now). Artificially intelligent Chattodo.

Did we ever talk about how passionately I want to disrupt the education system within the next 5 years?

I firmly believe that there is far more knowledge and power in collaboration upon a common goal, than there can be in education or corporate slavery. That is why we are building Chattodo to disrupt the education system.

Imagine if YOU were a 16 year old student who wanted to build a company for delivering organic food in your city. It would be too challenging to do so while studying in school/college.

Imagine YOU had the courage, passion and conviction to drop out of college to pursue your vision.

Imagine that after accomplishing some very challenging tasks along the way, YOU failed after three years.

YOU have no degree and no demonstrable business model. How does the world know YOU did learn despite no schooling? In fact, YOU learnt something much more than the usual school bloke for having tried something challenging.

Chattodo will capture the education/knowledge earned along the way in accomplishing tasks. Yes, once we become the underlying productive communication layer of the world, we will put education degrees with education metrics upon the tasks accomplished, through NLP. I hope YOUnow imagine what that would do to education…

Is that not a story YOU would want to be a part of?

I foresaw the future of education upon collaboration was truly the most organic path forward, in this direction. Even Ray Kurzweil says that-

This implies a new kind of education — education upon collaboration. This can be offered to the world if education metrics and reputation can be brought upon the act of collaboration itself. If such collaboration can be measured as education. But that is level 2 of the implications of a social network of action I want to build. Level 1 is the social network of action itself.

My vision will impact 3 major industries like never before:

  1. Social Networking.
  2. Education.
  3. Productivity.

This will be the biggest of all the social networks in terms of revenue, because it will make people productive quite directly, and also educated in a measurable way. I believe if something can make people quite productive directly, someday they will pay to use it in a more robust way.

Open this link to read further on my note about — Chattodo for schools?

Note -: The difference between phase 1 and phase 2 is that in phase 1 we are aiming to be the best communication tool for teams that work from remote locations. By the time we reach phase 2 we see the trend of students working as teams chasing an idea for a startup will be on the rise, and that is when we should be ready to give students educational qualification by our AI on the basis of the tasks these students are accomplishing. This is a matter of 5 more years of digital consumer centric innovation in education even for the pioneer. We have a strong chance to be those pioneers.

Click to know Tech Stack & Security and Privacy Policy.

Status of the app:

We have our prototype on Google play store. Start using it now! Now we need money to get to the launch ready version.

The app has not been launched and hence, has no traction, or any need for us yet to have dabbled in cost or revenue projections.

There is a method to our manner of doing things. We first like to broadly understand through deep contemplation, dialogues, research and development whether the solution we are conceiving is needed by the majority of the people in the world or not. If the answer we find is, a yes, we dive in to do everything about getting to the development, investment and launch of the app before diving in detailed projections or excel sheets.

So, the only projections of matter here at this stage are:

  1. That this is an app the whole world needs for their teams to communicate to note and accomplish tasks on.
  2. The next projection is that this is the app that will save the otherwise creative lives of a lot of students who want to learn and present their education earned as they collaborate with others on a common idea, rather than write exams in colleges to fetch degrees.

These two projections are reasons enough to attempt a launch to millions of people of the Internet before actually doing the detailed projections. We have ample time thereafter to understand how many billions of dollars can be made through this App and the Excel sheet projections will follow. For now, we are satisfied that if a product of such need is being built with the grit we have, then it will command substantially lucrative value in the future for any first investor regardless of the presence of that value details or break up via a spread sheet at this moment

Why the standard question of traction may not be the most appropriate question for a moonshot innovation in its nascent stage when founders are seeking support from investors to continue their R&D towards launch?

Start-up land is littered with failure.

Every hack on smart investing will preach that before approaching an investor you must have dragged your feet over the thorns littered over that holiest of grails- TRACTION. For after all what good is a business that does not yield profits? Yet, if that critical question on TRACTION is duly asked and answered before any investment, why the high rates of failure and a subsequent celebration of failure as the norm in start-up land?

Could it be that the holy grail itself is flawed in a period where most of our problems have been solved or are perceived to have been solved to an acceptable degree beyond which improvements are not possible in a human, hence imperfect world?

I say YES.

Most start-ups offer incremental changes, but what if you had a moon- shot innovation for a problem the world has ceased to consider as one. Or a problem considered solved?

Moonshots, by their very definition, need to be hurtled till something big is identified. The innovation after that identification might take time, in some cases, a very long time.

Imagine, if you were the only person with the vision that there was scope for yet another chat app for people who were looking to be productive over chats and the rest of the world did not agree with you. Yes, you can’t code, don’t have the time to learn so you hire the best to code for you. It must not surprise you that great people come at a cost. Those great people may have had a life of their own before they met a vision that and wished to be consumed by it but were kept from doing so by the mundane but real considerations of everyday living.

More so, you require neat sums of money for the world will not accept a MVP that challenges its collective blind spot.

So, your challenge is to manifest a never-before vision into a finger licking good looking product that elicits a collective gasp of “why did we not see that earlier”, from the world.

(To those who repeat the trite Form Follows Function rule, let me quote just one example- Snapchat, that turned that norm on its head. It was a beautiful but tedious product to begin with. It bettered itself over time)

Some innovations really do require many years of philosophical dabbling as compared to the build measure learn loop kind of iterative building of simpler e-commerce products to chase quick metrics and money. My vision is about disruption of the archaic education system. It ought to have taken time. I could have, like many others, imagined (in-fact I did) to build a (relatively less inspiring) ecommerce/marketplace business, just to be rich by selling fashion goods, but I wanted to build something meaningful to feed the soul of society instead, regardless of how long it was going to take me to succeed at such a moonshot. So, I decided to spend all of my time in just imagining the flawless solution as a design of a product, to a point that design and vision wise I leave no stones unturned for the probable success of that product in disrupting the education system. Hence it was built to perfection in my imagination much before its first line of code was written. I wanted to see the vision in its completeness in my eye through design before investing it with lines of code, so I could with honest conviction vouch for it to one and all before it was ready.

Now, because of such extensive work in vision, features and design, I perceive it for real in front of my own eyes. It looks like a probable success to me already for it answers my deep curiosities well. I now wish to invest some of your money too in creating this app in a market space which doesn’t have room for a MVP. Chatting in the evolved form of today is a category of beautiful and perceivably complete products to serve simple customers.

Hence, our MVP/the launch version design and experience needs to be superior than current solutions like Slack and Whatsapp. Hence, there will be no traction till a mature product is built with $100,000 invested in it before its launch. These lakhs of rupees will give us the power to retain mature talent, space and infrastructure which is needed to build a robust, scalable and a finger licking beautiful product before launch.

(I believe in the lean methodology, but I don’t believe that it is universally applicable to all products. The lean method of building, at times a shabby iteration first, then measuring and learning may not work for products in markets which are mature enough to seeming perfect already before a new solution that aims to disrupting this mature market happens. For such markets the first version should be better than all of the previously successful solutions in this market space. So, in our case, functionality and design wise we have to be better than the products you are using to chat with your colleagues. This will require my current team+2 more people+$100,000 to say the least).

Once again — Why the standard question of projections/metric may not be relevant to our scheme of things at this stage?

We have developed the prototype, not the launch version of the app. Why? Like we said above — just imagine, will you use a chatting app in 2017 which looks and feels worse than Whatsapp, Slack, Snapchat or Fb messenger? We won’t. So for us to make the presence of our app felt, we must spend at least 100 thousand dollars to actually build a finger licking beautiful product to launch it with the optimism that it will eat up some of the market share of communication away from Whatsapp, FB messenger and Slack. This implies that every waking hour of ours must go into the broad understanding of the market, vision and team camaraderie first; then the development of the app, then the launch of the app, and then following of metrics and somewhere along the way, dabbling in projections will happen.


What is our valuation, in case you seek to invest in us?

$1 million, by Berkus method of valuation. Follow this link to know why. Non-negotiable, for if you are investing in us you feel there is a potential of billions of dollars in value creation. $1 million today is 1/1000th of that value creation potential.


You may request the demo by writing to nishchal@preseed.in. We will send to you the demo video first. If that seems reasonable and if you still wish to test the prototype, we will have to set it up for you. Currently because of being cash strapped for resources we have a prototype which can be used by just two people and is being used by one of my co-founders and me. We will have to remove our own user account to enable you and your fellow tester to test it.

Investment Required from you, $100,000 for 5% equity:

Milestones lead investment plan —

Stages of investment required :

a) Rs. 30 Lakhs required to a closed alpha launch. Expected number of active users after Alpha launch — 1000 in 3 months. At this stage our focus will be to build a feedback measuring loop environment with these 1000 users rather than growing further.

b) When achieved timely, another Rs. 30 lakhs will be required further for global internet marketing led by a Product Hunt launch in San Francisco towards 20,000+ active users from there in 6 months. (20,000+ active users for a communication product earned from Product hunt in 9 months will indicate an extraordinary future for such a tool, for it indicates that these influential users chose our product Chattodo over and above Whatsapp and Slack)

C) At the stage (b) our value for next round of investment will be 10 million dollars in less than 1 year.

2. Return — The investors s can choose to exit at this point by selling all their 5% equity stocks of our company netting in 1 million dollars, or they can sit back and watch us grown through the following rounds of investment by the best investors in the world over 3 years to get to a billion dollars in value. This is how historically successful communication products have grown. We will follow that path of growth too, for our product vision is no less than theirs. Investor value is expected to grow at least 10 times in one year.

Note -: We are making a product that many enterprise tech companies will pay millions of dollars to acquire within one year. However, our desire is to lead it all the way to an IPO achieving billions of dollars in valuations.

Yes, this is a dream, but a very well envisioned dream.

At this stage we can only speculate optimistically that the on the ground team and the vision we have is capable of a value creation beyond this number. The only assurance here is our grit and our lives investment in it. If we fail to succeed in this, I lose 10 years of my research, observation and product, and they lose over Rs. 50 lakhs of investment across a 6 months period. No startup at this stage comes with an assurance. They come with mind, sweat and hope, that one day, they will be counted among the greatest companies in the world.

In addition to the valuable vision, team and skills that I bring to the investor, I also offer the assurance of not being a first-time entrepreneur.

Why am I the chosen one to build this social network of action?

More in the future

  1. We are building algorithms to trend users based on their merit and not on the basis of how many other users follow their collections. This will help meritorious users stand out in the sea of other users with lesser talent but a great reach. For these users spent more time in getting reach, followers, instant gratifications rather than any real talent.

2. We have increased the capability of our gadgets and decreased ours. As human race have we given up or are we endorsing machine rule in future? The integral part of our education system should be capability enhancement. Enhancing the capability of body, mind and energies should be a priority in education. The other aspect is increasing the capability of our next generation. If we look holistically; we have brought down the capability of the present generation. Our physical capability has gone down, the immunity level has decreased drastically. Our mental capability has gone down as mental issues have increased drastically. Our energy level has decreased.

3. The degree our system gives can be validated by anyone in the world through blockchain technology the reward being Freedom Coin.

We are incubated at Preseeded, an incubator arm of Preseed, where products are built with Vedic intervention. Meaning, products are built such that they lead to holistic well being of the people using it. For Chattodo, it means summation of veda in it to make its users healthier too. This is the beginning. There are more applications of Chattodo in a regular user’s life than we can write about. So, at Preseeded we are running experiments to support that world that can be built into chatodo – implying, a few major bots and apps that must be integrated with Chattodo to unleash the power of chattodo beyond even the immediate team of chattodo, someday.

Hint: 5 Element Diagnosis — This diagnosis finds out the root pattern of disease and predicts the problems that can be encountered in the future.

Freedom is a large sphere with lots of subsets:

Freedom from your own limitation like disease. The only tool for action outside or inside for every human being is body and mind. Disease of body and mind are huge limitations. More than 70% of disease of body are created from within or chronic. For example, Diabetes, BP, Asthma, Thyroid etc. Whereas almost 100% of mental disorders are grown from within.

Modern medical science is unable to handle these issues very effectively owing to their limitation of monotonous line of approach due to specific cultured thought process. Therefor the talk of preventive wellness has gained momentum. DNA mapping is an answer towards the predictive analysis of our body which can be used for preventive wellness. But this is just restricted to our body and a life is much more than body.

Through answer to 10 questions from our bot, your state of five elements can be predicted with fair accuracy and the pattern of your body, mind, emotions, tendencies and life in general can be arrived at. These patterns can be reversed through various yogic techniques to make someone come out of a specific ailment. This 5-element diagnosis is a milestone in preventive wellness as well as in curing the current chronic issues. We have discovered this diagnosis to cure each and every individual who has a phone in hand; as this solution can be delivered through an online interface. We are getting ready to deliver these solutions and creating the minimum required baseline to gather substantial momentum.

Through Chattotodo I am also trying to deliver techniques from various branches of Yoga which enhances various capabilities in a human being. Infact I am trying to establish yoga in ways unheard of, until now.

This is a first time in the world kind of stuff .


To free the world from the misguided redundant systems of the past, most importantly of education and wellness, in 5 years.

Nishchal Kesarwani

Written by

I am made up of whims. I inspire ideas, faith & action @thepreseed. On medium, I write my first quick drafts of some things that matter to me-mostly freedom.



To free the world from the misguided redundant systems of the past, most importantly of education and wellness, in 5 years.

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