Preseed Web Lab

R&D unit for Preseeded. MVPs of my concepts that will touch millions of people are built here.

The text in bold in this post is partially referring to what now is ‘Preseed Web Lab’. That should take you beyond Preseed Web Lab. It should take you to the root of Preseed, because in some way Preseed Web Lab is where it all started from and became Preseed.

Preseed Web Lab is THE FOOD FOR MY CURIOUS SOUL and like me, I hope one day, for many other curious ones.

Here we will aim to challenge the status quo, being the belief of people that you need money to lay the foundation for a great product. Lets see how far we reach with it. For now all I can say is that we are sitting on top of some very progressive ideas with very progressive people.

At Preseed Web Lab we are always looking for only 3 kinds of people —

  1. Hackers
  2. Hustlers
  3. Designers

who are willing to build with us without any immediate compensation or contracts, from their bedrooms or dormitories or any other space they have. All they will get at this stage other than a solid product vision for a meaningful idea, is some words of commitment about their share of ownership in the product. It could be anything from a 10% to anything based on their role in driving that product forward. So if you can have faith, come on board. Write to us at

What happens to the MVPs(Minimum Viable Products) that get built out of this process of brainstorming over ideas under the foundation of faith and inspiration not money?

Preseed Web Lab’s job was to get you to build MVPs around our ideas in good faith as partners. That itself sounds like a job well Done.

The following may happen when the MVPs get built, at this stage we move the project from Preseed Web Lab into Preseed Cooked Project-:

  1. Together you and I hustle to have the product some beta users and real feedbacks.
  2. Once we have the first set of users, it is established that the idea we discussed a few days ago is a customer validated unfinished product in a matter of days e.g. this app. That is the power of not only a solid product vision but the vision of it’s first iterations for achieving the MVP at no cost implications.
  3. You and I get into a working partner relationship of sorts that has produced a product purely based on faith in each other, without wasting time in useless premature paper contracts or MOUs. No bullshit, only action.
  4. Above all, the biggest hurdle before pitching an idea and team to a solid incubator anywhere in the world is, ‘ a customer validated product’.
    If now together we are able to clear the hurdle, we will bring us at a better place to take our product and the product teams to an incubator to steer the team and the concerned product forward.

In short -: We have created a possibility of creating web MVPs and teams that can be pitched to the best early stage internet startup incubators in the world.

A typical web development company needs -:
1. People.
2. IT Infrastructure.
3. An office space to house those people.
4. Ideas/projects to consume these people in.
5. Enough money to sustain all of this.

Preseed Web Lab needs none of that and it still is capable of creating far bigger and better products than a typical web development company. That is the weight of inspiration, that is the weight of Preseed Web Lab. Here scores of developers and designers work not because we pay them handsome salaries, but because they are inspired to do so, regardless of what we pay them. By the way we pay them no salary, they are yet intrinsically motivated to build cool things with us. This human resource is our greatest strenght.

Status of Preseed Web Lab ideas as on 28/12/2013

We measure our status based on how many incredibly talented hackers, hustlers and designers from India we have channeled into our ideas, without burdening ourselves with having to pay salaries. Our team page should help you decipher that. No one on that page is here to get salaries.

If you would like to get greater insight into Preseed Web Lab, here is a collection on Preseed Web Lab on medium.