Education disruption

Preseed all the way to Preseeded for education upon curiosity and collaboration.


Very early on in my life, I had decided to work on the most important problem in the world. To me the most important problem was, lack of result oriented innovative leaders. The reason: The perils of the current education system.

Preseed is building a web platform of ideas, like Angellist is a web platform of startups.

Preseeded is building the communication app that will power Preseed’s platform of ideas. (Preseeded will be a secret at Preseed till it builds that app and launches it).

Respectively together this is like a relationship that can be felt between Facebook and Facebook messenger.

Preseed when Preseeded will disrupt the entire education system, by putting two new pillars in education — Education upon curiosity and education upon collaboration . This is the answer to how we are putting our forces into heading towards the overhauling of the education system across its length and breadth.


The one who brings children of ideas, on one platform for the purpose of development of original ideas, would have created for the world, a social network of action, upon ideas. The metaphysical impact of it could be far deeper than that of Facebook.

I say that there is education in productivity, and there is even better education in productivity upon ideas. Ideas are curiosities which we want the students of the future build themselves upon . So we decided to work on tools for both — making the world more productive through such a communication and collaboration tool integrated with an idea platform called MyIdealist someday, to make the world productive upon ideas. Read this whole note below to know about what we are doing to create the world of ideas, upon which productivity can be induced.

I often imagine the world where anyone from anywhere can imagine an idea, and plant that seed into MyIdealist, take care of it, and see it grow.

To sum up, my solution in this light is aimed at:

The solution to the problem of a a 4 walled secondary education system for children of ideas is, as much a software as it is a cultural one — That is why Preseed. If you understand Preseed is made up of its culture and its product MyIdealist, you will understand the above sentence. Initially, I couldn’t imagine wholly how a product could solve this problem. But since the goal of starting Preseed was to solve this problem with a product, now I can imagine it.

  1. So fundamentally I am saying through the works of Preseeded, making communication more actionable is the way forward for education upon collaboration. 
    ‘Education upon collaboration’ is my solution for the much needed change in the archaic education system through the first product I propose as a communication and collaboration app. May I go a step further and say, ‘and collaboration upon ideas’. That is my second proposed product. Hence, education upon ideas all the way into becoming startups.

Side note -: It’s still simpler to imagine, a social network of action. It’s more difficult to imagine a social network of action upon ideas. It’s even more difficult to create one, one that works. I am talking about a Social Network of action first, then I am talking about a social network of action upon ideas.

Looking backward from my times of now:

This is what was going on -

The origin of my thought for building Preseed was — To empower those with a will to do something extraordinary.

“Further inquiring into this mission, I realised it meant having more enterprising human resource for the world. Creating better human resource implied identifying the core problem, which was the regressive education system globally”.

Step 1 — In order to solving this problem of the education system, step I for me was — a Culture of Collaboration upon ideas at least in my space of interest — I opened myself and my ideas to the youth around me.

Step II — Operations in the neighbourhood — Large scale talks among the top graduate colleges around me about entrepreneurship and matters of entrepreneurship. Through these talks I built an environment that was to aid me in conceiving the above mentioned products.

Step III — Initiated Preseed — It started with the incorporation of Preseed Ventures Pvt. Ltd. I wrote much around philosophy of our culture — for humans of ideas.

Step IV — Conclusion for scale — Final goal — 100 million humans of ideas. (Even those collaborating on ideas of others, are men and women of ideas).

Step V — Wire frames — I designed this solution’s wireframes for mobile phones, for it to reach a larger bandwidth.

Step VI — Prototypes built for both the products with which I will challenge the status quo of education.

I am convinced that my products will make communication and ideas more actionable.

So fundamentally, like I said, making text more actionable is the way forward for education upon collaboration for students of the future, as much as it is the way forward for any professional already being productive.

So an improved question is: What induces people or in this case, what will induce students to collaborate intrinsically?

(Because if it is intrinsic it is in harmony.)

The answer : Ideas — An idea in ones mind can drive forward such collaboration.

So if we can make our collaboration tool for men and women of ideas, we would have built the kind of social network of action we are after. The social network of action upon ideas!

Why does it seem to me that serving men and women of ideas is the way forward towards the disruption of the education system as a whole?

Men and women of ideas of today are the leaders of the future. I want to work on easing their journey. I believe if the leaders of the future are wise and bright, the future of humanity will thrive. Thus, I decided to serve the purpose of making brighter leaders of tomorrow, through my social network of action, upon ideas.

Soon after, like how everything in our society trickles down to the masses initiated by the choices of the leaders, so will it happen here. That which is chosen by the leaders of tomorrow, today, is what will be chosen by the masses of tomorrow. So we will first be the products for the potential leaders of the future, and then it will trickle down to the masses and will be the product of all the collaborative masses.


So who our initial market is, is clear. For facebook it may have been students of ivy league colleges, for snapchat it may have been the teenagers. For us it is the humans of ideas. I want to impact the education system across its length and breadth over the next one decade, but I must start today from somewhere specific. I choose that specific to be humans of ideas. (So, MyIdealist + its communication app is required — I will cover this along the way. Keep reading please).

So now the question becomes how and where do we collect millions of men and women to collaborate among each other upon ideas?


We launch Chattodo as a collaboration tool (to be) integrated with a platform that has humans of ideas, MyIdealist.

Chattodo is the name of our social network of action being built at Preseeded.

We launch it at MyIdealist as an integrated chatapp. MyIdealist is where we will find our men and women of ideas. That is how we intend to orient this chatapp towards humans of ideas.

In the absence of this kind of an association, chatapp will merely be passed of as a social network of action, not social network of action upon ideas. This association is important for Chattodo because it’s origin lies not in the purpose of becoming an extraordinary communication collaboration tool for humans of ideas, that tool, for the purpose of disrupting the education system for children of ideas. It is important for MyIdealist because it creates engagement on it. Just like Fb messenger creates unparalleled engagement for users of Facebook.

(PWL1.1) — This strategy for launching Chatotodo in its most suitable market niche, for humans of ideas, will be responsible for — inducing atleast those students who have ideas, to collaborate — because they are being given a really seamless solution on a platform where they can get educated upon building upon their ideas — via a vis listing their ideas on MyIdealist, and communicating and collaborating on Chattodo — and hence collaborating upon them.

This also changes the competition for such a tool like Chatodo initially.

Rather then us making a tool for collaboration — In turn competing with the likes of Evernote chrome extension for humans of ideas

This strategy allows us to applying our tools — Chattodo and MyIdealist — towards disrupting the education system instead.

Ultimate goal of Chattodo is to give its users a ‘white blank command box, much like YC’s failed startup Twoodo’s command box’, which will induce and enable the users to build upon their ideas into meaningful startups, regardless of users age, educational degrees, material resources or profession.

So in the long run, Chattodo is not just about communication and collaboration, but a play between collaboration and ideas, where -

  1. Chattodo is a mobile app where consumers will keep their thoughts, tasks, notes, web discoveries, voice, communication and ideas. As you would expect them to keep in a todo listing tool.
  2. My Idealist is a web application which manages the ideas of thinking users. In MyIdealist such ideas become the identity of that user. It is at this step of the vision the user of Chattodo makes new hunan connections upon their ideas.

Looking forward from the time of origin of Preseed, leading to Preseeded -

All those lessons of the last 3 years of running Preseed + the first 2 years of imagining social web from my perspective + every experience in between, I am product-ifying now with my team at Preseed, as a social network of action upon ideas.

I started Preseed to build upon my many ideas across my lifetime. To live this wonderful life.

I told myself sometime in 2012 that if I have to live the kind of life I love. I must create that environment around me which is conducive to that life, bottom up.

The kind of life I love, is a life of inspiration and creativity, upon beautiful visions. If all of us could live that life, this world will make far more progress towards liberation and mindful novelty. A world where everyone is rather building upon a great idea.

I told myself, that, to live a that life of extreme inspiration and creativity, for my type of a mind, I must create a machinery that can shape all my ideas. Because my ideas are extremely important. (So must be yours). Just dreaming them and not shaping them, would be a loss to the world. Let alone me.

So I imagined, deeply, this machinery made up of closely bonded humans, called Preseed, to shape my many ideas. I incorporated it into a company in 2014 and stopped talking and started building and imagining and building further. I found my team soon after. I run this loop of action with this team several times in a week since 2014.

These loops originate from various topics that interest me. I dig really deep into these topics. I meditate upon them. That is what I do, in most of my day. My day, every day, is a journey into an original inquiry on those topics. Un-influenced by what is and what has been. Then I lay it out into the system of Preseed, for that inquiry to take a shape as a product, or a a mere dialogue.

Now all day, I do just this, I imagine, I build. That is the life I wanted to offer myself first.

However, out of different product ideas I think about obsessively, or mention randomly at times, lies a central purpose — Human resource development, which is what Preseed is about. Here ideas for creating better human resource for the world are woked on. At it’s core Preseed is first a mission to be Preseeded, a Social network of action and then a social network of action upon ideas, thus disrupting the education system.

Remember, the mission of giving the world more effective leaders is at the centre of Preseed. Everything we do here is for that reason.

Chatodo, the app being built at our secret unit Preseeded, is my first step towards buying more experience and time in achieving our complete vision as a company, Preseed. I first realised the need for seamless productivity and imagined a productivity tool within a communication tool. Precisely making the communication, actionable. Then as I explained earlier, that I wanted to make the men and women of ideas productive. They were the future of the world. And they are students trapped in the eduction system.

It is that desire that lead me to imagining education upon curiosity clubbed with education upon collaboration, as the most righteous education methodology.

So, Chattodo merely being the first social network of action, in the world is not going to be enough. It has to power action upon ideas. Because Chattodo has to be the tool on which the companies of the future are built. It has to be the tool where people discuss their idea and move along within it, to build that idea into a startup.

So it has to be a tool not only for productivity, but real time collaboration on ideas.

That is all in brief that lead me to imaging the finest way of collaboration. Leading me to imaging a social network of action upon ideas as the way forward, instead of a mere productivity tool.

Anyway, so that is why Preseed all the way to Preseeded important because it consists of Chattodo, and MyIdealsit, that future element of MyIdealist which will take it into become a communication product best suited for ‘collaboration upon ideas’ and not just usual corporate productivity.

Hence, the disruptive future of Preseed is not only a function of it building the best education upon curiosity, by far, as MyIdealist but the works of its secret unit Preseeded building Chattodo, leading to education upon collaboration.

Ultimately, the social network I mentioned above via Chattodo is for the men and women of ideas. My idealist is their place of identity via their idea and not via their educational or professional qualification.