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MEL Ch 2— Math Ed Labs IN SCHOOLS (B2B)

Solution: Mathematics Lab: An annual subscription for the school, with a dedicated representative in the premises that works with the teacher and students to create the learning culture proposed.

The sale of our Math Lab in Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj was our first sale. We made this Ed Labs K12 Pvt. Ltd. as a company just for such lab sales out of our ongoing R & D towards products mentioned in Chapter 7.
This is the sale of our Math Lab in Blue Bells international in Delhi. This is our biggest sale so far.
Sale of our Math products in Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Kanpur.
A demo video with a teacher and students in our first math playroom at a top league Delhi school — Delhi public school, Vasant Kunj. The games in the playroom are designed to make mathematics more comfortable and accessible, before anything else. It is to celebrate the very nature of mathematics which is universal and makes it very obvious for a learner to observe logic, look for patterns and construct her own knowledge through conjectures that come-up during the journey. Our cafe/playroom ssists teachers with assessing the formative nuances of the concepts.

Our first Math playroom for schools of India to conceptualize, assess and develop an interest in the subject.

Used to improve the understanding of place value system.
Represent decimal numbers upto two decimal places and do arithmetics operations as well.
Aids the visualisation of multiplication.
Can be used for learning tables, finding multiples and factors, LCM and HCF, Perimeter and area.

The problem we are addressing for schools

Since the system is already so inflexible that any kind of innovation or change in the system is too difficult to incorporate, furthermore, there are problems that already exist. All this does not leave scope for any kind of experimentation or improvisation in the teaching methodology even if the school intends to do so.

Hands on tool to facilitate the understanding of parts and wholes (fractions)
Hand on experience of Arithmetics.

The solution we are addressing it with for schools

In these circumstances, a school may refer to organisations which provide service in the field of education and specialize in educational creativity and understand the basic idea behind education.

Mathematics through observation and play was imagined with me by my friends Shahzar and Naim. Enveloping the very notion of actualizing the abstractness of the subject, our brand new product- Math Cafe, a playroom room for Mathematics learning- has been conceived. The enterprise has successfully set up a fully working version of the Cafe at Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj and Bluebells School International, Kailash Colony. It is an endeavor to manifest the true representation of hands-on and conceptually driven Mathematics. Space which breathes in and vibes with Mathematics through the myriad of games, activities, and most importantly, experiences that it offers, it perfectly celebrates the universal nature of Mathematics. The ideation of the Cafe exhibits a holistic approach towards ‘Mathematisation’, rather than Mathematics. It is a physical expanse to foster an interest in Mathematics, revisit concepts in an alternative fashion, eradicate the anxiety associated with the subject and enrich the exciting minds. Each element in the Math Cafe attempts to catalyze the process of Mathematics learning by gestating it through tangible experiences. It is a scaffold to harmonize algorithmic nuances of Mathematics with its experiential counterparts. We also assess what and how much is our student learning’.

Our parent brand in Math is (MEL) Math Ed Labs which owns Cafe de math for schools.

Cafe de math is our prototype to show you, the kind of math environment we aim to create in our schools in the next 5 years. However until we get there, we will get there by serving other schools.

Our honorary mentor professor Dinesh Singh recommending the people of our country give us a chance to touch mathematics education in their children’s lives.

Introduction to a culture that we will create in your school towards Mathematics:

Currently, the school system is going through a renaissance in terms of methodologies being adopted in the classroom. Ranging from ICT tools to pedagogical innovation. The structure is evolving slowly from the traditional methods to the new methods which instill an interest to study and develop a positive attitude to learn and construct knowledge.

Rest of the videos can be found here. This playlist will reveal to you the work we have done towards this cause so far in a school.

“Did we hear Math? That is why at Preseed Ed K12, we are building a Math venture:

“To be fair, LeCun and Candela are most likely addressing the college crowd, though its important to consider incentives across all levels of education. Simply, we all could probably use some more statistics in our lives. Beyond math, the two say more math engineering, computer science, economics and neuroscience are also important subjects in today’s economy. How else would a fledgling machine learning student learn to leverage neuroeconomics and cognitive bias to target ads?



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