To Preseed Web Lab applicants

Please read this before you apply to

PWL Applicants,

Do you know that we don’t compensate you or us by paying salaries? We compensate you and us through equity. We work with people to ‘co build’ stuff with them over, sometimes if need be, a fairly long period of time. If you could look to work with us on helping us sincerely as one of the potential partners on one of our products listed on then work with us. So neither is this like a full time job nor a freelance opportunity. This is clearly an opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

Your job with us may be putting the codes or designs or both or more to one or more such product/startup opportunities while being as imaginative as you like. You may or may not chose to do it full time, as long as you do it timely.

Do you see yourself being able to build stuff on the web that may either be a product that be used by millions of people some day, or solve some own needs of Preseed?

Over a period of 1 MVP life cycle* will we know how well do you fit into our scheme of things. Thereafter, you could expect us to give you and ourselves a co owner based opportunity in the product we are working on together.

It is really about the relationship we build with each other that determines if we could be partners in atleast one product that you are majorly working with us on, the product you are responsible for.

I am convinced that most MVPs we are going to build will be built, with you guys’ at near 0 monetary costs. It is this MVP which would be attempted by all of us involved to translating it into a startup that we will co own. Sooner or later this product and the team would be incubated at an appropriate incubator. Until now, it was a MVP journey for you with us. It is at this stage your business journey would commence, with the incubators.

MVP development team

This team(i.e. you) is also an equity stake holder upto 20% or in certain cases more, in the product being developed. We leave no stones unturned in identifying those who are fit to translate this proposed product forward into a company. We want exceptional hackers to work on these products. If the hackers and designers involved think they can lead this product into a worthy startup we would be willing to offer greater share into the product built hence forth. It is infact important for us that the hack team of each product is capable of leading this product into a successful business a lot based on their own labour.

We start the development stage either/or wiith -:
a). At least one solid web/mobile developer
b). Designer can be inducted later.
Developers and designers we identify over our ‘people’ research on the internet — Mostly the blogs and past works of such people give us an insight into their spirit to want to do something out of the ordinary.

Message for the MVP team
Goal — To translate each web product of ours into a startup within 6 months that can be incubated/invested upon by top incubators and accelerators in the world like YCombinator, 500 Startups and Tech Stars
What may these incubators look for?
1. Idea — We do that so thoroughly that never have we heard from the top people in the community that our idea was any short of being pretty kick ass and thoughtful.
2. MVP — The R & D process of Preseed Web Lab is dedicated to this.
3. Team -:
a. Hustler — Someone who has the knowledge, creativity, love of novelty and imagination to own the product vision, product experience, company culture, team & fund requirements; above all the ‘charsma’ to build a team of extra ordinary people.
b. Web Hustler — The one who has the imagination and skills to own the codes, designs, understand web app distribution/marketing and product architecture in the most contemporary ways.
c. Hacker — The one who hacks the details. ( We specifically need you ) (You — Could be a person with signs of a ‘will to build extra ordinary stuff’ by way of your past works, your blog or your sheer smartness. We may offer you upto 20% ownership in the thus created startup. You may be someone talented at codes running your own web product development show. We don’t care about all that as long as you can deliver our MVP as we envision it in a reasonable amount of time.
d.Interaction Designer — We would normally get after the MVP.

The question you may ask yourself before considering joining in -:
A) Why doesn’t India produce startups like the way they do at Silicon Valley, California? Could it be the lack of individuals who can be a team that has the imagination, ability and leadership to ‘do’ and represent itself at a global level someday?
That is the kind of team we are building for there is no doubt we have about the fact that being with the best community at Silicon Valley, California is the way to be for the consumer web startups. The shit moves fast there, that community has the knowledge and network that builds great companies. I am not saying it can’t be done here in India, but in most cases, the startup would mature there faster. We have experienced many reasons that make us go in favor of that ecosystem so much that they have become a core part of our strategy. The good part is that as long as you are doing a good job at communicating with the right people over angellist, emails, facebook, twitter or any other way; getting invested and mentored by the top guys there is possible. The point is as long as you can harness the web to ensure that you are communicating with absolutely the best people the web can offer, consider yourself hitting the bulls eye, otherwise not, in most cases. To be suited to the best community we have to lay the foundation with a strong team right here in India. And then graduate that team to Silicon Valley, California.
B) What is that Indian community lacks when defining the foundation ?
1. They just accept anyone easily available to them to form a team with. They fail to acknowledge that there are a million web products out there, for the ones to get where the co founders passionately imagine them to be, they would need to go out of their way in ensuring that they are a part of absolutely the best team.
2. Lack of thinking simple ideas that have the potential to be used by millions of users someday.
3. Lack of thinking designs the way we do.
4. Lack of love of novelty. Lack of being able to ensure the user value proposition is absolutely unique for its market..
5. Lack of appreciation that being a 10% owner in something that seems to have the key ingredients to getting incubated at a top incubator, validating the business in the lines of millions of dollars, is far better than, working on something in isolation where they own most of their business. That is to do with the lala values passed on to the kids by their peers.
We ensure none of the above mentioned is experienced at Preseed.

In short this is what we expect from our MVP team -:
We expect a MVP that works.
Having said that, as long as you can deliver the MVP on our ‘product vision’, it is perfectly okay for us to have you do your other works parallely. As we progress you can make the choice of working only on this startup to create something very tangible here for all stake holders involved. Perhaps more tangible than you could have created without teaming up with us.

Summing up

We get the minimum viable products around our ideas readied with you, the hackers/hustlers/designer, to make it live for testing/using with the customers and our networks. We then see how it goes and progress as required thereafter. We like to take it easy. It is not a grind.

Anyway, do read this blog post to understand in brief, what goes on at Preseed Web Lab.

Let us know by applying here if you are in, we may then discuss work soon enough.

* MVP life cycle — The cycle of iterations till we have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with some real consumer traction.