Facebook and Silicon Valley’s Silent Spring: The Question of Technology

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An Assault on Attention, Empathy, and Our Humanity

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Three collective conditions: Post-truth, post-democratic, post-human

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The Question of Technology

Moving beyond the current post-truth, post-democratic, and post-human condition will require us to do more than just criticizing it. The anti-Trump media have failed so far. Billions of words against Trump have only made him stronger. The same may be true for Facebook and our various filter bubbles. We need something different. We need to go beyond restoring society’s key institutions; we need to update our institutional infrastructures in at least three key domains.

  • post-truth by creating generative learning infrastructures that link first-, second-, and third-person views in ways that blend head, heart, and hand.
  • post-democracy by creating new democratic infrastructures that engage citizens in more direct, distributed, and dialogic modes of participation.
  • post-human by creating collaborative economic infrastructures that shifts the mindset from ego-system to eco-system awareness and allows everyone to contribute to co-generating well-being for all.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Ban your smartphone from the bedroom and buy an alarm clock.
  2. Get out of the filter bubble by doing what people inside Google already do: drop the Google search engine and use DuckDuckGo, an engine that protects your privacy and does not sell your data.
  3. Minimize your notifications and retake control of your social media feed (check out MIT Media Lab’s Gobo)
  4. Start your day with a moment of mindfulness.
  5. Take intentional reflection breaks — for example, a short daily walk that exposes you to the amazing beauty of nature that is all around us.
  6. Form a small circle of friends for practicing deep listening and generative dialogue conversations.
  7. Make a list of places of most potential — places that would help you figure out the next steps on your life’s and work’s journey — and then immerse yourself in at least one of those places every few months.
  8. Join the Transforming Capitalism platform to link up with inspiring innovators who share their stories, experiences, methods, and tools on addressing the issues outlined above. Join the conversation.



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