Forget About the Theory!

How Decathlon’s “Vision 2030 Initiative” takes collective envisioning to a whole other dimension

Decathlon Vision 2030 Team, October 2019
Charlie Felgate conducting one of the Vision Friday events
The Decathlon Vision Process Team, Netherlands, August 2019 — left to right: Audrey Hespel, Axelle Kiers, Stéphanie Fortin and Charlie Felgate

Decathlon’s First Connection with Theory U

The 2016 “Alive” team of six

Metamorphosis of a Mammoth: how to Reverse Success-Induced Inertia?

“This is the biggest problem at Decathlon: our business works really well. And if your business works really well, then why change it?”

The Innovative Minority: Turning the Learnings into a New Company Culture

So this is where Theory U comes into play for them. However — and this is where it gets truly interesting for us — if you look at their documentation, their videos, Charlie and his team very rarely talk about Theory U.

Slide extracted from the “CO-INSPIRING — Generic Vision 2030” Presentation: this is as explicitly close to the “U” as it gets at Decathlon!

Infusing Inspiration: Personal Ownership and Agency

Vision Relay Training in Lille, October 2019 — people came from 40 cities.

Reaching Outwards and Opening Up

Vision Relay Training in Hong Kong

Charlie adds: “When you open to all, not only are you bringing transparency — you can’t bullshit anymore — there it is: right there, in front of you. But also, you stop looking at it from the same point of view, in fact you want other people to look at it for you.”

Towards New Structures and New Behaviours

Infograph extracted from the “CO-INSPIRING — Generic Vision 2030” Presentation: the Vision 2030 time cycle

Asking the Right Questions

Open To All



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