From Meeting a Friend to Meeting UN Goals

Participation in the Asvis 2022 Festival of Sustainability — Workshop for presentation and rapid prototyping of an ADIG

A Domino Effect

The first seeds of ADIG were sown here — Eventlab January 2021

What happened in that first u-lab? — Tools for a New Economy

U.lab 2x: Sowing the Seeds of the Generative Interdependence Agreements

Short video presentation of ADIG ( Generative Interdependence Agreements) to the u-lab community
Kick-off U.Lab2x 2021 harvesting — visual by Alessandra Zaffiro

The Generative Interdependence Agreements Come Alive

Case example of an ADIG (Generative Interdependence Agreement) Click on the image above to view the full slide show of 3 case examples
How the ADIG flows work

Measuring impact through the Common Good

Break-out room work: what will inspire the “third WIN” of the ADIG? Going beyond BAU (business as usual)

Abundance and Accountability



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