Antoinette Klatzky
Jan 26 · 3 min read

Since 2010, the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute (EFLI) has promoted leadership in young women through self empowerment, connection with others and activism in their communities. EFLI connects personal development to community development.

Similar to the Presencing Institute, EFLI’s practices and facilitation models include exercises like Social Presencing Theater, utilizing 4D and visual mapping, stuck activities, world café, design thinking, circle practice, yoga, and journaling, all of which offer young women and the communities who support them the opportunity to engage in conversations about the future — their own and of society. Through summer and academic-year leadership training workshops, facilitated dialogues with industry leaders, and ongoing engagement opportunities for program participants through the online network and Youth Ambassador Board, EFLI’s many programs provide intergenerational opportunities for communities to grow and learn together.

EFLI Participants Give Meaning to “The Future is Female”

Julia Moschetta, currently a Senior at Miami University who worked as an EFLI LIFE Fellow in summer 2018, shared with us about her experience of Social Presencing Theater. She says of the Stuck Activity:

“The Stuck Activity allowed me to understand and accept the challenges I was facing during a time of emotional stagnancy. Being “stuck” gave me a time and a space to process what I was experiencing. Having worked through the activity, I feel more at peace and I feel energized to live more intentionally and mindfully in the future. The Stuck Activity impacted me so greatly that I have introduced it to friends in hopes of helping them reframe their thinking and feeling more open to change.”

Activities like ‘stuck’ are used to support individuals and large groups to look creatively at problems and allow solutions to present themselves through an embodied approach.

One area greatly in need of industry-wide change is the fashion industry, an industry in which EILEEN FISHER is deeply immersed. By taking a creative and innovative approach to leadership, sustainability and design, EFLI will host EFLI NYC in April 2019. The program is an immersive weeklong program in New York City open to young people ages 16–20. Through programs like EFLI NYC, young people address questions like:

What is the future of this industry? What are the new ways of creating that are being born, and what ways of creating are ending?

EFLI accepts applicants on a rolling deadline and invites young people from around the world interested in the intersection of personal leadership, fashion, design, sustainability, and the building of a better world to apply for EFLI NYC or upcoming summer programs.

Learn more about the programs and apply by visiting this page.

Field of the Future Blog

We believe it’s possible to create results that serve the wellbeing of all

Antoinette Klatzky

Written by

Executive Director, Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute. Host/Co-Producer, Women Together.

Field of the Future Blog

We believe it’s possible to create results that serve the wellbeing of all

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