So what now?

Now, we are waiting for December 14th, for the electoral college to vote and finally cast their ballots.

Did you know that the race technically isn’t over yet? I had no clue. Biden hasn’t officially won, but everyone is celebrating.

The reason that they give this break in between voting day and the actual day that they cast their ballot is in case someone wants to send out some lawsuits and force whatever states to keep counting their votes and make sure everything is fair.

President Trump is sending out lawsuits and trying to get recounts because he thinks that people were not being truthful while counting their votes.

It seems like he is doing this out of spite and is being a sore loser but the thing is, he is allowed to do that.

There isn’t much going on right now, however, it is not over yet. I hope that the current president is very professional about leaving office and for the remainder of his term.

What do you guys think? Is he going to be a nice person or is he going to raise hell?



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