Altered Carbon: The series that mixes virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data

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Altered Carbon is one of the most innovative television series.

With a good dose of technology, she still mixes up some suspense and police drama, traits that leave anyone glazed in each episode.

In today’s article, I want to propose a slightly different reflection.

The idea is that you understand the reasons that may lead you to attend the program, whether or not they relate to your business.

Perhaps the analysis is much more connected to our personal than professional life.

Be that as it may, bet on reading and enjoy some good information about Altered Carbon!

What is Altered Carbon?
Directed by Laeta Kalogridis, the same as The Island of Fear and The Terminator: Genesis, Altered Carbon takes place in a futuristic world, more specifically in the 25th century, when society has become habituated to a reality as much as strange: the exchange of bodies.

Basically, the mind is digitized and stored and the soul can be transferred to another body, living several lives.

The protagonist Takeshi Kovacs, a former elite guerrilla played by Joel Kinnaman, who also made House of Cards and Suicide Squad, wakes up after 250 years in another body.

Transferred to this future he had tried to prevent, he relies on the difficult situation of having to adapt to the context and the new society, and is still hired by a millionaire to find out the author of his own murder, so he may have a chance to win a new life on earth.

For this, he counts on the aid of an ex-serviceman, who wants to help his daughter and a robot, and of a Mexican police officer.

Based on the book by Richard Morgan of the same name, Altered Carbon was launched by Netflix, and mixes several technologies already present, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data.

Why watch Altered Carbon?

Si fi series, also called science fiction, may not please everyone at all, especially considering the unattractive productions of the genre, but Altered Carbon seems to escape this rule.
Very well produced and full of reflections on our life, society and the world, it is a good request for several reasons.
Check some out!

1 — Social criticism

In Altered Carbon, humans are virtually products that can simply be exchanged.

That way, those who have more money can easily clone and stay young forever.

People with few resources depend on the government to gain new identities, which do not always correspond to their ages.

Does this situation related to social classes seem close to our reality?

For this is the criticism made in the series.

2 — Technology

If you have been following everything that virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data have contributed to our reality, you will surely enjoy watching Altered Carbon.

The series mixes all this and shows us again the importance of these technologies, but with something more: that flea behind the ear on where it can reach.

3 — A good dose of suspense

Who does not like a good suspense full of surprises?

Imagine interesting a murder story involving love and betrayal, with the victim initiating the investigation into his own death.

Does it seem intriguing?

This is the plot of Altered Carbon!

4 — Inversion of values

Do religious beliefs connect us to moral values ​​a little more?

It could be that yes, it could be that not, but what would happen in a world with total freedom?

From the moment that no one dies, it is possible to rethink the question of our attitudes, do you agree?

So, no sin, no final judgment, and all those beliefs that permeate society.

Moreover, in the series, people become slaves of the system, to the point where they prefer to be practically “products” to conquer the continuity of life.

Did you know more about Altered Carbon?

It’s worth watching!

Although it is a fiction, it is full of technologies that are already part of our life, not exactly as they are shown in the series, but certainly somewhat closer.

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