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Ana Fontes: Brazilian businesswoman who gave up the corporate world and succeeded with her own business

Ana Fontes is the founder of Instituto Rede Mulher Empreendedora, an initiative that helps women win their own businesses and thus gain autonomy in their professions.

But do not think that this successful trajectory happened overnight.

Ana was very poor, but she managed to graduate from college and graduate school and join major corporations.

Despite her commitment and dedication, the businesswoman never managed to reach the level she thought was fair in the corporate environment, which made her think of other alternatives.

And so she went … along with her wishes for freedom and quality of life, to help other people and to leave her legacy in the world.

Want to know this beautiful story of overcoming and persistence of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country?

Then read this text about Ana Fontes!

Who is Ana Fontes?

Ana Lúcia Fontes, or Ana Fontes, as she is better known, is the founder of the Rede Mulher Empreendedora Institute, an initiative conceived thanks to her experience as an employee in large companies.

The idea was to help other women win their own businesses and thus gain autonomy in their professions.

Today the program benefits more than 270,000 entrepreneurs across the country!

But the interesting thing is Ana’s career until the foundation of the Institute.

As a child she lived in a small town in the interior of Alagoas called Igreja Nova.

His family decided to go to Sao Paulo in the 70’s with their eight children in order to try a better life.

At the time Ana was only 4 years old.

How nice that her parents valued education and found a way to invest in getting all of their children into public school.

As an adult, Ana entered a private college in Advertising and had the help of neighbors and her cake sales to pay for her studies.

Until he got a job at a multinational in 1990.

Afterwards, the businesswoman took a postgraduate degree in Marketing and International Relations, but even with her knowledge, commitment and dedication, she had difficulty growing in the companies she worked for.

Even one of the superiors praised her resume but said she would not promote it because she was a woman.

Despite this rather unfair situation, Ana was not satisfied.

She wanted to overcome herself, a feeling that grew even more after she became a mother.

The girl went through large corporations until she felt like doing something different, but also leading her to contribute to society.

The idea was to have flexibility of time and quality of life, as long as one identified with the activity and left its legacy in the world.

She then started some small and medium businesses while looking for that satisfaction when she realized the challenges of women trying to set up their own businesses.

As a result, in 2009 Ana participated in a business management training program aimed at improving the quality of female entrepreneurship: 10,000 Women, a partnership between FGV and the Goldman Sachs group.

Finally, the businesswoman identified something valuable: the untapped niche of business education for women.

It was the beginning of the Rede Mulher Empreendedora Institute in 2010.

In it the businesswoman began to share her knowledge and help other women turn their ideas into truly viable businesses.

It is a free content sharing and advertising platform for companies of more than 56,000 participating businesswomen.

Today, this Network is considered the largest in female entrepreneurship in the country and offers lectures, workshops, business roundtables, networking events and even mentoring.

The business is maintained through event tickets as well as sponsorship from companies that support female entrepreneurship.

In the end Ana Fontes’ main purpose with the project is to help women to be active and preserve their autonomy even after motherhood, especially considering that the corporate environment still has a certain hostility to the female public, according to herself.

What to learn from Ana Fontes?

We can all learn from Ana Fontes.

See some balconies:

1 — Will and persistence are more important than “golden cradle”

Ana Fontes was extremely poor, but still managed to study, to join large companies and, thanks to them, create a strategic business niche.

This shows us that you do not need a good financial structure from childhood to study and achieve success.

Neither Ana nor a lot of Brazilian businessmen came from financially structured families, but that didn’t stop them from pursuing their goals and achieving important results.

2 — Don’t give up!

Ana Fontes studied, worked, worked, and worked harder at the companies she worked for, but couldn’t quite get to the level she wanted so much and really thought it was totally fair.

So instead of waiting for someone to help her, the businesswoman used her own means and efforts to get what she wanted.

Moral of the story: don’t depend on anyone!

Use your knowledge and experience to find your way to success with your own efforts.

The merits are already yours. Use autonomy and willpower to show them to the market or, like Ana Fontes, to the whole world!

3 — Bet on underexplored markets

The most strategic markets are those that have something very good to offer to people that solve their problems, but no one has yet bet.

If you create something truly innovative in an assertive way, your business is unlikely to go wrong.

After all, it will be helping the public in something that really needs to be helped and supplying a series of needs, shortcomings, wants, urgencies, etc.

Ana Fontes is certainly one of the most successful Brazilian businesswomen.

Get inspired by this story of overcoming and persistence!

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