Chef’s Table is much more than a series on cooking. It also involves entrepreneurship and passion!

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No, Chef’s Table definitely is not a mere series on cooking.

In addition to the mouth-watering dishes, she also shows the stories behind the routine of great chefs.

You will know the path that they have taken until they reach the incredible level of being among the best in the world and all this from a true lesson of focus, persistence and a lot of passion.

Did you find it interesting?

So read this article and stay on top of the great lessons on entrepreneurship in Chef’s Table.

About Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a documentary series of Netflix focused on gastronomy that is pumping in audience.

With each episode, it shows the fast-paced routine of great chefs from all over the world, as well as a cuisine beyond exotic.

You will have the chance not only to know who they are and where they live, but also their challenges in turning common ingredients into distinctive and tasty dishes.

Most, even, go completely out of the traditional, to the point of making mere traditional recipes see options beyond unusual.

And you eat with your eyes, literally.

Directed by David Gelb, the same as “Jiro: The Sushis of Jiro’s Dreams”, another documentary focusing on gastronomy, the series tells the daily life of chefs such as Massimo Bottura from Italy, Niki Nakayama from Los Angeles, Francis Mallmann , Argentina, Ben Shewry, Australia and many others.

Do you want to know if any Brazilian has participated?

Yes, the consecrated Alex Atala!

It was 20 days being accompanied by the production of the program in its restaurant DOM, in São Paulo.

The team also went with him on visits to the Paraíba Valley and to the Amazon, next to the Baniwa indigenous tribe.

By the way, that’s where the most eccentric ingredients come out, believe me!

But do not think that the series revolves only around cooking.

It also shows much of the personal life of the cooks, who even make the most difficult statements to imagine.

Alex Atala, for example, mentioned the use of drugs in punk times and made a point of commenting on how his life changed completely when he started cooking to secure a stay visa in Europe.

And that’s where Chef’s Table begins to get interesting to us entrepreneurs !

What does Chef’s Table have to do with entrepreneurship?

Chef’s Table is all about entrepreneurship .

Well, of course the series makes life a lot easier for those who plan to set up a restaurant.

But it has very high doses of passion and management, essential points for any entrepreneur.

Interested in knowing what she teaches?

So there it goes!

1 — Importance of training

I’m not talking about that traditional training in college.

Of course it is important, but I mean more to any study that involves technical knowledge about your product or service, business, sales and more.

In the case of Chef’s Table, all the professionals went to cooking schools and went through some restaurants before embarking.

They may not have been the ones responsible for their successes, but they certainly guaranteed knowledge about some essential techniques.

After that, each one found his way of cooking and making the dishes differentiated and even tastier.

Is it like this with you too?

For sure!

You need to be knowledgeable about your product, business , sales, prospecting, loyalty and more.

All this will make you plan better and run your business with competence and mastery

2 — Understanding what you do best

We can be good at a lot, but we sure have something we do best.

This is what will differentiate you from your competitor and make the potential customer identify with the product or service you offer.

In the Chef’s Table series, each participant specializes in something.

One has a more spicy touch, the other a softer, some are expert in pasta, others in meat.

And customers certainly identify more with one dish than with another.

This is what you need to do with your skill: Take it to your audience and show that you really have the best solution.

3 — Planning and persistence

As a chef is persistent, it delights to see.

Going beyond the traditional, overcoming challenges, trying, failing, trying again and going beyond the expectations of other great, renowned bosses is part of their routines.

Dealing with adversity, criticism, the full kitchen and hungry customers awaiting their dishes are other peculiarities of the profession.

And the situation gets even more complicated when they reach a certain level and their restaurants begin to have queues at the door.

Geez, sounds crazy.

Do you think this is not part of the lives of other entrepreneurs?

Of course it does!

The better you are, the more sought after will be and more customers will knock at your door.

You will need to plan very well for that moment.

But before that, it takes persistence for your business to effectively grow and reach that level.

Did you like to know more about Chef’s Table ?

Watch this series. She has much to inspire!

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